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THURSDAY  March  1st - Day 5


“The Flying Monkeys”


Wear your team colours, bring your own flying monkey for points for your team.


 9:30 – Practice Pairs

12:30  –  Stratified Open Pairs - Club  Championship

7:00 – I/N Pairs - Club  Championship            



Day 5 Recap:  The Flying Monkeys


The Flying Monkeys were everywhere!  Lots of spirits points for every team.  As one player remarked "I can't remember the last time I woke up in the morning and said, oh yes, I must make a flying monkey today!"  Thank you to Evelyn and Margie for bringing in bottles of water to use to melt the witch!!

Club Championship winners in the afternoon: Terry Shaw and Elizabeth Legacy

Club Championship winners in the evening:  Dave Tanner and Robert Hubley


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