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WEDNESDAY   February  29th  - Day 4


Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Follow the Yellow Brick Road. Encounters in our lives bring us to crossroads. What are some happy things you have encountered on your yellow brick road?


9:30 Club  Championship Stratified Open Pairs

1:00    99er "Junior Fund" Pairs game

7:00 Pro / Am Teams Each team must have 2 players with fewer then 300 Mpts.  Each match - Pros play Pros and Ams play Ams.



Day 4 Recap: Follow the Yellow Brick Road  -- thank you to everyone who shared the highlights of their life - their own "Yellow Brick Road".  I found out how handsome Darryl Pistone and Doug Hamilton were in their youth and what beautiful brides Hazel, Ruth and others were only a few years ago!  HIGHLIGHTS of the day: Lion Outfits by Cynthia Burney and the Crudens.  David Etter and the Great & Wonderful Wizard.  Margie Knickle's yellow & red balloons and gold & red tinsel. . . . .EVERYWHERE.  But I thing one performance that needs to be shared is Margie and Glen with their bridge rendition of "If I Only had a Brain!"

I could wile away the cards,

Playing bridge wouldn't be so hard. 

If I only had a brain!

I would know  just when to double,

And then stay out of trouble. 
If I only had a brain!

I could do some quality ruffing,

And very fancy sluffing

If I only had a brain!

I could bid and make a slam,

Oh bridge would be so grand.

If I only had a brain!

I could unravel any conventions,

My opponents tried to mention.

If I only had a brain! 

With all my daring card play,

I would be like Bill Halliday.

If I only had a brain!  


DON'T FORGET -- BEAT THE MANAGER ON FRIDAY -- We will be in the Emerald City!!




Team standings at the end of day 4:

Dorothy's Team -  10602
The Cowardly Lion   10413
Scarecrow 's Team - 9653
Tinman's Team - 9582


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