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MONDAY  February 27th - Day 2


“Arriving in Oz, Munchkin Land”  



Arriving in Oz, Munchkin Land - It is the little things that count. Bring along a little thing that is special to you. Wear your colours and be a Munchkin, Mayor, and don't forget those striped socks.


Monday - 9:30 / 7:00 Lessons - Making the little cards work!
                12:30 - Stratified Pairs - Club Championship


Day 2 Recap: Arriving in Oz, Munchkin Land !

Costume prizes went to Trish Hattie, Bill and Ruth Cruden - coming as the Mayor(s) of Munchkin Land.  Margie Ovens as the Tinman (well done Margie) and to one of our new students and players David Etter in the full Great and Wonderful Wizard costume.  If the Cowardly Lion's team could win some masterpoints - they would be much closer to the leaders as they have lots of spirit points.  I am sure that will change after tonight's game!  Jill's contribution to the Scarecrow's team is paying off, but it balances out when playing with her Tinman partners.  Good look today as we will see which witch are you!!

Team standings at the end of day 2:

Scarecrow's Team -  5216
Tin Man's Team - 5170
Dorothy's Team - 5003
The Lion Team - 4672



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