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SUNDAY Feb 26th  - Day 1


The Day on the Farm


Sunday 10:00 4:30 Team game - Statified by Team average.

         Note: Silver point STaC game.


Welcome to Kansas, the everyday life.


Wear your team colours, and come as Dorothy, Auntie Em, Uncle Henry, a farm hand, Miss Gulch, or Professor Marvel.


Team standings at the end of day 1:

Dorothy's Team -  3986
Tin Man's Team - 3812
Cowardly Lion 's Team - 3121
Scarecrow's Team - 3581


Day 1 Recap:  The Day on the Farm

We all had an opportunity to see Dorothy, Aunt Em (Ruth C.), with her chickens; Uncle Henry (Bill C.) with his sack of potatoes and all the farm hands with the rest of the farmyard friends.  Brian F. has great shirts for his fellow Cowardly Lions.  As for the bridge - it appeared the team to be reckoned with was the Wolman team and with three members on the Scarecrow team that was a boast to their standings!  




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