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SUNDAY March  27th


“The Grand Finale”

Day 7 Recap:  The Grand Finale

I'm so glad we had this time together,
Just to have a laugh, or sing a song.
Seems we just get started and before you know it
Comes the time we have to say, “So long".

Not quite sure why this song has popped into my head, maybe it was Trish H. arriving in her dust maids outfit, face all sooty and carrying her buckets and mops.  But it is a little how I feel after such a week.   It was all in good fun, and we certainly get to see the brighter side of a lot of bridge players.  Who would have thunk they would be sitting at Stuart E.'s while he was donned head to toe in a clown costume.  Or the ever dapper Glen D. entering the Bridge Studio as the Bearded Lady.


The Lion Tamers has several 'creative' players on their team from Evelyn C. is always so creative with her costumes, but the "Master of the Rings" was my favourite.  Gundi showed us a great disappearing act.  An honorable mention award for Margie K. bringing in balloons and green leis and her great costumes.  Did really expect Sheena to appear in her clown costume?  Beryl H. always finding something fitting the theme, plus a healthy contribution to the masterpoint total and Jean Cooke off to a quick start with the masterpoint race and Carol T. was the masterpoint leader at the end of the week!  This creative team finished SECOND in the end - it might have been because they only had 3 team members out for Friday night!


Third Place went to the Contortionists (who thought they were second at the end of today's game).  Stuart E. was their masterpoint leader and the Team Spirit leader and award winner was Hazel Harlow who brought the circus to town on Monday. Other point-getter were Sheila C. & June T.


The last place team went down with a great fight.  Starting the week Brian F. has t-shirts for the entire team and winning our Rookie Award - which made sure that no one could say they did not have something orange to wear!!  Jill was there working for her team with mini-circuses left all over the Bridge Studio, along with Jill major master point winners were Bill H. and John A.  And even though she could only make a couple of games there was a lot of team spirit with Ruth C.


FIRST PLACE  - The Contortionists.  A real Team effort.  Bill C. with his purple wig, shirt and big purple ball.  Trish Hattie gets the team award for the Cannonballers as she came to each game with an ingenious costume - even today she brought a smile to everyone's face.  Masterpoint leaders were Steve A., Bill C., and John S.



         The Circus is leaving town, who were the stars? What was the best Act? What team deserves the plaque? Pick a player from your team and enjoy the day.  In our Rookie/Master  game the Rookie is any player with fewer than 100 masterpoints and the game will be STRATIFIED based on the average points of the PAIR.  

After the game we will be awarding prizes to MANY participants, stay for the closing, have a glass of wine and cheer for everyone.

Team standings at the end of day 7:
The Human Cannonballs - 13878

The Lion Tamers - 11683

The Contortionists - 11557

The Fire Breathers - 11067





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