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SATURDAY  March 26th


THe Side Shows" - Bearded Ladies, Tattooed Men,

Tall Man, Half Man, Two Heads are better than One. Bring your own side show.  

And what is a circus without Hotdogs and soda and Lots of Pop Corn !!


Day 6 Recap:  The Side Shows

10:00 Pro-Am Teams 

          What a day today - 16 teams competed and the field was fairly evenly matched.  John A. (Firebreather), Stuart E. (Contortionist)  teamed up with John & Nancy Spencer (both Cannonballers) to take FIRST place - winning every match!!  The double win for the Human Cannonballers has shot them into first place and it would be tough to catch them now - But I hear that only a few Cannonballers will be playing on Sunday!!

As for highlights - there were numerous - We saw our first bearded lady Sheila F. walking through the halls of the Centre and the shoppers did have cause to wonder.  Then came in Gundi sporting her new beard, partnered with the "World's Tallest Woman" - Jessie M.!  Margie K. gave everyone a good chuckle in her "Lion Tamer gone Bad" outfit - rib cage exposed and all, but the largest chuckle was from Glen D. (Contortionist) as a final bearded lady - evening gown, long hair -- while you had to see it to believe it!!  Hazel H., Beryl H., Gundi all exhibited their 2-headed snakes!  But Mary Lynn MacD. and Mary G.  knew how to get the judges attention as they presented some decorated cakes for us to enjoy.

Everyone enjoyed the "Circus" lunch of hotdogs and lemonade - what else would you eat at the circus!  At that time were joined by Sarah Lyon from the Alzheimer's Society to present the Bridge Studio with the Community Award Plaque for our contributions through the 2010 Walk for Memories (this is where your charity $1.00 goes -- And just a reminder this year's walk is Sunday May 15th!).  Kathie and Janet Benvie had the pleasure of announcing Jill McCormick's nomination for the ABTA Teacher of the Year Award and presented Jill with an "Apple for the Teacher" as we unanimously agreed she was the Bridge Studio's Teacher of the Year!  A new award was also presented "The Heart of Bridge - MCG Anniversary Week Award".  This year Kathie presented the award to Nancy L. Fraser.  Nancy has been Kathie's 'go-to' person for many years and now as a new teacher and a major contributor to the education portion of the Studio Kathie felt out Nancy was a deserving recipient - NEXT Year Nancy gets to decide who will receive this award!

Team standings at the end of day 6:
The Human Cannonballers - 12853

            The Contortionists - 10938

            The Lion Tamers - 10617

            The Fire Breathers - 10147


Saturday Only

Fundraising for the Dealing Machine Buy a balloon for $10.00.  Guaranteed Prize in every balloon.  


50 balloons 50 prizes.



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