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FRIDAY  March 25th


“The Magic of it All” - Do you have a Trick up your Sleeve?

Magic Tricks galore – Gundi made the contents of her little Black Magic box completely disappear in 15 seconds – Trish M. made Bill H. disappear (but he came back J); Nancy F. wowed everyone at her table with “Earth, Wind and Fire” Magic.  We had a couple of rabbits in the hat, a flying carpet (supposed to take Trish H. and Joy B. to great heights in bridge – the carpet is now on sale…..cheap).  Card tricks from Glen D., Albert D. – magic science from Beryl H., Bernie W. & Margie O. of the Lion Tamer team.  As usual Jill was up to her old black magic trying to ( and sometimes seeming to succeed ) to change her spot cards into winners!!


The Evening Beat the Manager was certainly Magical as the Manager had a great game – I think I was sitting in Jill’s lucky seat because all my bid were turned to gold – It was lots of fun and I did not have to give away any FREE PLAYS – Even Lynn Switzer did not win a FREE PLAY with her 71.43% game L.


Day 5 Recap:  The Magic of it All

he Human Cannonballs – 9676 – rocketing into first place by fielding 14 players this afternoon and 10 more tonight!

The Lion Tamers – 8699 – Only three players for the evening game (this did not help) but a healthy 12 this afternoon.

The Contortionists – 8220 – they are creeping up – playing today and tonight for the team were 17 players in total!!

The Fire Breathers – 7961  --  with 8 players at the Individual and just 9 this afternoon they are still in the hunt!


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