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TUESDAY  March  22nd


Bring in the Clowns - Time for clowning around


12:30 – 0-300 Pairs Club Championship Game - Lollypops & Candy


7:00 – Open Pairs Club Championship Game - Lollypops & Candy

          Clown noses, wigs will earn bonus points for your TEAM ! 


Second Day of Anniversary Week – Everyone was clowning around!!  Wigs, noses and a couple of great clown costumes.  Stuart E. came dressed head to toe – even some funny glasses – big points for the Contortionists!  Then Margie K – not to be outdone brought in a fist FULL of green and silver balloons – bonus points for the Lion Tamers!!  Evelyn C. always coming up with something new – wore her Lion Tamers uniform – unfortunately things did not go well for her in the last show and there were several tears in the shirt – oh well her and her lion are still in tact.  The Crudens (two different teams) are trying to outdo each other – Bill’s purple wig may start a trend and Ruth has discovered she likes her orange shirt – tonight she brought her “fire breathing” tiger,  Bill just had his balls.  Other Spirit point winners tonight were Trish H, Sheila F, Menashe, Gundi and Marta.

The team earning the most Spirit points  tonight were the  HUMAN CANNONBALLERS -- AND the most masterpoints tonight was – THE LION TAMERS!!

Our NEW standings are VERY close:

The Human Canonballs  - 3,156
The Fire Breathers - 3,120
The Lion Tamers - 3,024

The Contortionists - 3,012

Most masterpoints today go to The Cannonballers winning 1,157 points, followed by the Lion Tamers with 1,095

Spirit points were a little closer with the Cannonballers (1,045) and the Fire Breathers (800) winning some Bonus Points and the creativity of Bill C. for the Contortionists (675) keeping it close.  The Lion Tamers are in luck because with the addition of Margie K - her evening efforts have rocketed their Spirit points to the top two!


Day 2 Recap:   Bring in the Clowns

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