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MONDAY  March 21st - Day 1


“Step Right Up - Running away to the Circus”  


What a great start to Anniversary Week -- The Fire breathers had a  send off when one of their team mates (Brian F) brought in bright ORANGE t-shirts for the TEAM (if you have not picked one up yet - you had better hurry) and the Contortionists had the helping hand of Hazel with their very own Big Top!!  Along with all the masterpoints they won the Contortionists currently are sitting in FIRST place.  The Human Cannonballs were lagging behind -- but after the evening classes they and the Lion Tamers have crept up into contention.

As for "Running Away to the Circus" - Elizabeth F. contended that she was too old to run away!!  We had several interesting articles - Ruth C. brought along her "flee circus" while Bill C. brought all the gadgets his circus family used in all their acts!  Lion Tamer Gundi brought her own lion and Trish H. had her snakes to charm.  Mr. Halliday -- one pair of undies, a sandwich and a beer!!


Day 1 Recap:

Running away to the Circus.

Team standings at the end of day 1:
The Contortionists - 1,203
The Fire Breathers - 1,100
The Lion Tamers - 1,069
The Human Cannonballs - 709

Most masterpoints today go to The Contortionists winning 623 points, followed by the Lion Tamers with 589

Spirit points were a little closer with the Fire Breathers (580) and the Contortionists (480) winning some Bonus Points and the creativity of Bill C. for the Cannonballers (555) keeping it close.  The Lion Tamers are in luck because with the addition of Margie K - her evening efforts have rocketed their Spirit points to the top two!

RING MASTER'S NOTE - The points won at the evening classes will be posted Tuesday afternoon!

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