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WEDNESDAY   March  3rd


Curling Events - Sweaters and Brooms

and your best yells


9:30 Club  Championship Stratified Open Pairs

            Morning Snacks to keep you warm on the ice.

1:00 Declarer Play Problems

7:00 Club Championship Stratified Open Pairs  

            Some warm Mulled cider to warm you up.     

Daily Recap:  Day 3 - Curling Championships

Team standings at the end of day 3 has Miga with a small lead:
Miga - 5,187
Mukmuk - 5,069
Sumi - 4,036
Quatchi - 4,035

Individual leaders -- 

- Miga's leaders: Terry Shaw has amassed the most masterpoints of 630 with 150 spirit points total of 780.. 

- Mukmuk's leaders: Bill Cruden has 183 masterpoints and Marcia Shaw with 329. Bill is also amassing the most individual points and contributing hundreds of points to the team!! 

- Sumi leader is Hazel Harlow with 335 masterpoints and 500 total points - Rosemary Sampson close behind for Sumi with 222 masterpoints - all she has to do is bring her figure skating outfit on Thursday to win many more points. 

- Quatchi's point getters are Sheila Cardone (419): John Ayer (267); Gundi Husain (236) - still need a little creativity for the spirit points!!


- Mukmuk has a wonderful display of all our Canadian Gold, Silver and Bronze medal, 

- In today's the Play of Hand class today Jane Smith that not only produced her entire wardrobe from her "Junior Curling" days in 1975 but the photo album as well! Thanks Jane for a fun morning. 

- The red team gets a creative boost when the entire team got up and did some Curling 'screams' half way through the game tonight.

- Oh yea, more bonus for Mukmuk and thanks Doug for the souvenir bottle of coke.

Thursday is Figure skating. Do you have any pictures of your figure skating youth?? 


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