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TUESDAY  March  2nd


Alpine Skiing - Hats, Gloves and Goggles  


9:30 – Conventions Class will have an opportunity to win points with their Conventional Knowledge and wearing their TEAM colours.

12:30 – 0-300 Pairs Club Championship Game

7:00 – OPEN Pairs – Club Championships

          BOTH games we have prizes for the winners and Après-ski snacks!!  

            Wear your colours and don’t forget your ski gear!  

Daily Recap:  Day 2 - Skiing Championships

Team standings at the end of day 2 are very close and anyone can take the lead:
Mukmuk - 3395
Sumi - 3112
Miga - 3063
Quatchi - 2666

The morning competition went well with a good showing from the Sumi Team, and all did well in their group contest. During the afternoon game we had lots of ski poles and boots - extra points to Carol Weir and Marie Rose for Maple Leaf Antennae plus their ski equipment. Red did well in the masterpoint race during the afternoon game -- Matchpoint results are on the web page.


- We want you to know that Evelyn Campbell is recovering nicely from her mishap during the women's ski jumping competition!! Hoping her glasses show up when the snow melt, but the leg is doing well!!

- Margie and Glen found other uses for ski poles that certainly worked at keeping their bidding in line as they placed in the overalls.

- Cute sweaters for Joy and Sheila, these girls came down off the mountain to join the game tonight. 

- Oh yes and congratulations to Gloria Marshall for winning her flower bouquet!!

Wednesday we get an early start with some fruit for the morning and it is time to Hit the Rink for the Curling competition!! 

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