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THURSDAY  March  4th


“Figure Skating - Pictures, trophies 

and Team colours


9:30 – Practice Play and Bridge Trivia,  

            Muffins & coffee.

12:30 – Club Championship Stratified Open Pairs

            Afternoon snacks to have with your tea.  Don’t forget to wear your team colours.

7:00 – 0-300 Pairs Club Championship

 Post game snacks, Prizes for winners in each strat.  


Daily Recap:  Day 4 - Figure Skating

Team standings at the end of day 4 has Mukmuk regaining the lead:
Mukmuk - 6,684
Miga - 6,325 
Quatchi - 5,804
Sumi  - 5,485

Mukmuk  - Masterpoint leader Marcia Shaw with 406 - Spirit points - Bill Cruden 215 PLUS bonus points for the Mukmuk Team.

Miga -- Masterpoint leader Terry Shaw with 662 - Spirit points at 215, mind you Terry has been at EVERY game!! Good thing he owns TWO yellow shirts

Quatchi -- Masterpoint leader is Sheila Cardone (she needs a partner for Sunday!!) with 419 beating out John Ayer by 36 points. Spirit points go to Gundi with 175.

Sumi -- Masterpoint leader is Hazel Harlow who also has the most Spirit points for Sumi - Carol Weir is the Novice leader with 310 total points. Mary MacKay has more time to come to the festivities and will be a big help in gathering points for the Sumi team.


- Mukmuk has taken the lead back!! Taking 714 masterpoints Thursday afternoon AND 236 Thursday evening

- BOTH the Crudens in full red gear and Mary Goodman with her raspberry topped brownies where all contributors. 

- Miga is just a little behind as they only collected 236 masterpoints Thursday afternoon and 207 in the evening, their team anthem garnered them and extra 75 points!! 

- Quatchi has started to sprint to the finish with 527 masterpoints on Thursday afternoon - the I/N team is pulling them together - Sheila Cardone the official Games photographer has some great shots and earned some bonus points for the team. HIGHLIGHT -- Quatchi earned some extra points by a unique circumstance! Carole Anne Patterson brought in her figure skating picture -- proudly showing her has the Elementary Carnival Queen for the Kentville skating pageant --- and she looked so cute 50 years ago!! When fellow Quatchi member Nancy Spencer saw the picture she noticed that the cute Junior High Carnival Queen was her - there they were Nancy and Carole Anne, side by side as Carnival Queens - 50 points for finding the picture from 50 years ago!!! And speaking of cute pictures -- we were all in awe of Nancy Fraser's figure skating photo -- looks just the same all these years later!!

- Sumi still has a chance to pickup some points Hazel Harlow has been an inspiration for the team earning the most points both Masterpoints and Spirit points, cute bow tie today!!

FRIDAY - Come for the treats provided by the PROVINCIAL HEARING CLINIC in the afternoon. What would you wear if you were in the Luge or the Bobsledding Event??? Get your team in gear and win some points!! Come for the INDIVIDUAL game on Friday night - Party Bridge!! Treats - Nachos and fixings, cash bar, prizes and tons of fun.... PLUS beat my score and earn a FREE play!!

Don't forget Friday is the LUGE and of course Friday night's party -- the Individual Game

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