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SUNDAY March  7th


Pro/Am Pairs - Closing Ceremonies


Bring in your medals from your own past championship events.  


         You have played hard all week and watched the gold come and go.  Now pick a player from your team and enjoy the day.  In our Rookie/Master game the ROOKIE  is any player with fewer than 100 masterpoints and the game will be STRATIFIED based on the average points of the PAIR.  After the game we will be awarding prizes to MANY participants, stay for the closing, have a glass of wine and cheer for everyone.

Daily Recap:  Day 7 - Closing Ceremonies.

Team standings at the end of day 4 has Mukmuk regaining the lead:
Mukmuk - 10,602
Miga - 8,627
Quatchi - 8,559
Sumi  - 8,150

Today was the TEAM game Event. Celebrating Hockey and our winners. 


- First of all CONGRATULATIONS to Mukmuk as the overall winning TEAM with 11,565!! Masterpoint winners for the Mukmuk Team were - top Masterpoint winner - Marcia Shaw with 9.13 for the week Bill (5.47) and Ruth (5.17) Cruden, along with Jean Cook, Mary Lynn MacDonald Alan McMillan and Pam Tracey. The creativity of this team was not to be out done with the Spirit Leaders Bill and Ruth Cruden, Evelyn Campbell (remember the broken leg), Jean Cooke, Mary Goodman (HELP!) and many others who dressed in red all week. Spirit Prize goes to Bill Cruden.

- Runner up was Miga with 9,432 Led by Mastepoint leaders Terry Shaw (862) and Beryl Higgs (3.50), Nancy Fraser (yes, that was Photoshop), Glen Dexter, Victor Lamoureux and the rest of Miga - Thank you for that "Team Anthem" that certainly helped in gaining spirit points for the team, plus all the bonus points for Brian Ferguson and his yellow Mega shirt!! Top point winner Terry Shaw, Spirit points - Beryl Higgs and honorable mention Glen Dexter.

- 3rd place went to Quatchi - three main contributors were Gundi Husain, Trisha Fleet, and Margie Knickle - Prize for the most points - Gundi Husain. Masterpoint winner (2nd to Gundi) was Margie Knickle and honorable mention for the team - Trisha Fleet

- 4th place goes to Sumi -  With the Grand efforts of Hazel Harlow, Menashe Cieplinski, Bev McDonald and Carol Weir Sumi had it's moments but could not get catch up. Most points won goes to Hazel Harlow, Spirit Point award to Carol Weir and honorable mention to Bev McDonald - come and see me.

As much fun as we all had I have to thank all of you that dug yellow clothes out of the bottom of your closet, came up with fun ways to express our theme like Gloria and her black scarf for all her friends in the Luge event, Carol Weir and Marie Rose with their Maple Leaf Antennae on their heads all week long, and thank goodness we have located Sydney Crosby's lost gloves and the winning puck!!

Now we just have to wait and see what we are up to next year!!

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