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SATURDAY  March 6th


Championship Hockey - A Team Sport

Hockey jerseys, sticks & bruises"

10:00 Pro-Am Teams 

          6 rounds, 6 boards per round Club Championship.  Each team MUST have TWO players with less than 200 masterpoints.  Each match is designed to have the opposing AM pairs pitted against each other and the two PRO pairs squaring off.  A chance to bring your TEAM into contention with HOCKEY as the theme for the day.  Lunch will be provided.  


Daily Recap:  Day 6 - Hockey Finals

Team standings at the end of day 4 has Mukmuk regaining the lead:
Mukmuk - 10,602
Miga - 8,627
Quatchi - 8,559
Sumi  - 8,150

Today was the TEAM game Event. Celebrating Hockey and our winners. 


- We had little Mukmuk's 77 in hockey gear, Evelyn Campbell found Sydney Crosby's lost gloves and Carol Weir has proudly mounted the Crosby winning puck!!  What more would you want at the Olympic hockey game!! 

- And wonders never cease -- the team from the back drop whisked through the field to come out on top -- Glen Dexter, Margie Knickle, Pam Tracey and Doug Hamilton were victorious today to finish first ---- well done!!!

- Lots has happened today and TEAM games garner a lot of Masterpoints with the top masterpoint team being Mukmuk winning 18.84 masterpoints (translates to 1884 team points) for a huge help for their team. Mukmuk has many creative players on their side - Judie Allan, Effie Shirley with full gear and trophies and all those little Mukmuks out there with hockey sticks and pucks --- another 510 points for the team.

- Miga was close behind with 1076 points for today's game.  Kudos to Gloria and Effie for the Globe and Mail cover page featuring the Canadian goal !! 

SUNDAY - last chance for points and a time to celebrate the winners. Let us celebrate US - Canada and come with your RED & WHITE to celebrate our victories during the Olympic Games. As well we will celebrate our own champions at The Bridge Studio. People and players that make our game worthwhile. A rookie/master game with lots of fun after the game with prizes and awards for many of the player -- top points for each team both masterpoints and spirit points. Come for the game and come for the fun!!


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