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MONDAY  March 1st - Day 1


“Bring in the Torch - Let the games begin”  

9:30 – Morning classes  

          Get the games started for our preliminary competition.  Doug and Jill will have some challenges for you to win the first points for your TEAM.  Don’t forget to don your team colours and earn Spirit points for your team.

12:30 – Club Championship Open Stratified Pairs

            Bring in your TEAM.  Who will carry your torch?  Team colours and presentation for points to get the Games underway.

7:00 – The games have begun.  All evening classes 

    Will have some challenging questions, get them right to earn points, and don’t forget your team colours and torches.  

Daily Recap:  What a great OPENING to the Games.

Team standings at the end of day 1:
Mukmuk - 721
Sumi - 391
Miga - 313
Quatchi - 535

Most masterpoints today go to Alan McMillan (partnered with Jill) 228 points for the Mukmuk team. 

Spirit points were a little closer. The Cruden's pulled out all their stops with a wonderful display for the Red Mukmuk team scoring 100 bonus points --- BUT Brian Ferguson in the Monday evening class earned the Miga (yellow team) 100 extra points as well with the pan of squares each with a little torch on it (and they were delicious!!). The big hit were the YELLOW MIGA t-shirts, with the entire Bridge Bidding song on the back - way to go students. The evening bridge quizzes gave extra points to some teams - Leading with spirit points is Miga with 718, followed by Mukmuk with 628, not far behind are Quatchi with 560 and Sumi's 548.


- the Vancouver podium by Bill & Ruth Cruden

- the special treats for Monday night with torches and Olympic rings - PLUS those lovely yellow shirts - Brian Ferguson

- Hazel Harlow's replica of the Olympic torch

- Alan McMillan's almost 70% game -- too bad his partner is one of the judges and N.E. for points!!

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