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FRIDAY  March 5th


Features the Luge - Be ready for Speed



9:30 – Practice Play – Mystery Board to enjoy for points.

12:30 – Club Championship Stratified Open Pairs.  Special treats from “The Provincial Hearing Clinic”  and a special offer.  What would you wear if you were to ride the Luge?

7:00 – INDIVIDUAL Game – Another chance Beat the Manager.  

            You can win points for your team, have some fun and maybe even win a FREE PLAY!!


Daily Recap:  Day 5 - Luge Sledding

Team standings at the end of day 4 has Mukmuk regaining the lead:
Mukmuk - 7,608
Quatchi - 6,681
Miga - 6,646 
Sumi  - 6,111

Friday afternoon was interesting to say the least!! The event was the Luge 


- cheers to Kristie Misener for wearing the spandex (she is one of few that can do it justice) we had issues with Terry in his!!

- Mary Goodman (Mukmuk) had her eye covers with with HELP stamped across and the phone number of her next of kin. 

- Of course Gloria Marshall (Sumi) wore her black scarf as she felt it best to be in morning for all her friends that attempted the Luge. 

- Another point getter for originality goes to Evelyn Campbell (another Mukmuk) who is still recovering from he ski accident just brought her Bible. 

- Bill and Ruth brought Mukmuk teddy bears in the Luge gear -- all this making extra points for Mukmuk.

- Many others donned their racing gear, wore helmets and had ear protectors to earn their teams extra points. 

- As for the Beat the Manager Game - well was that an interesting evening of Bridge or not!!! Unfortunately I was Number 11 and the winner was Bill Halliday.

- the 10 free plays given out were appreciated by the recipients. Results on the the web page. 

Don't forget S
aturday is the Pro/Am Team game and points can change easily.

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