My Week at Camp

Sunday April 5th - Home again, Home again .....

Dear diary,
Camp is over, the bus Came and off we went.  I met so many new people this week and have so many new friends, what a wonderful adventure.  All was wonderful, we did crafts, sang campfire songs, experienced S'MORES, played lots of games and MORE.  I saw people I have known from before and this week I saw how much I liked them!!!  I can hardly wait until next year!!
In the end we had to keep score, but they are fun scores.  Here is what happened ---
The Cabin that scored the most points  was Cabin #1 Vienna Coup 16,082.  There was a chance that someone could catch up, but with the Crudens claiming first place in Sunday competition, they had a lock!!
Total Points Total Master Points Team Spirit Pts
Bill Cruden 1487 Bill Cruden 9.22 Ruth Cruden 572
Ruth Cruden 1310 Ruth Cruden 7.38 Bill Cruden 565
Steve Anderson 812 Steve Anderson 6.12 Bev McDonald 430
The Cabin claiming second place was Backwash Squeeze with 14,362.  Most of their points was because of the efforts of Trish and Evelyn and all their great imagination in costumes and decorations.  Imagine, Evie came almost every day with a NEW flag for their cabin - twinned, backwards, and in a foreign language!!  Trish of course had the "Sugar Twins', and today the little Irish leprechaun along with his pot of gold.  These two were geniuses of creation.
Total Points Total Master Points Team Spirit Pts
Trish Hattie 1420 John Ayer 10.88 Evelyn Campbell 758
John Ayer 1280 Carol Weir 7.29 Trish Hattie 755
Evelyn Campbell 1112 Mary MacKay 6.88 Hazel Harlow 505
Working hard with masterpoints, and team spirit were the members of Cabin #3 - Kamikaze NoTrump.  Credit has to go to Albert & Pierre along with Nancy Fraser for some creativity for their cabin.  And let us not forget all the efforts from the Shaws - Terry worked hard to keep their cabin together, along with Marcia.  I think Terry attended all games that he was eligible to play in.  And of course the Counselor is ever indebted for the bouquet of flowers -- they are now on my table.
Total Points Total Master Points Team Spirit Pts
Terry Shaw 1495 Terry Shaw 9.96 Albert Dorey 502
Marcia Shaw 1264 Marcia Shaw 8.54 Terry Shaw 500
Albert Dorey 863 Pierre Proulx 5.69 Nancy L Fraser 340
Cabin 4 - Smith Echoes started off big but we suspect they rested a bit on their laurels.  They forgot to make a fire for Campfire days. But Menashe gets an honorable mention for composing their 'original' camp song.  Beryl Higgs was top Masterpoint getter, but Marta and Jessie were the best contributors for Spirit points, and of course we cannot forget Victor, our youngest participant, who was well dressed, well mannered and an ambassador to the game.
Total Points Total Master Points Team Spirit Pts
Beryl Higgs 1044 Carol Thompson 7.73 Beryl Higgs 460
Jessie Macdonald 1028 Jessie Macdonald 6.33 Jessie Macdonald 395
Carol Thompson 923 Beryl Higgs 5.84 Victor Lamoureux

All in all it was a great time.  As HEAD CAMP COUNSELOR I that each and every one of you.  One hundred and sixty tables for the week, good fun, good food and new friends, what more could you ask for from a week at camp.


Saturday April 4th - midnight

Dear Diary,

I am writing this quickly as I have my flashlight on, and it is past lights-out, the my counselor catches me I will have to do all the dishes tomorrow -- oh no!!

Yesterday's Regatta was so much fun.  But the water water was very cold.  The Backwash squeeze cabin won the big race, and two of our brand new campers Carol Weir and Margie Knickle were so excited.  The old pros at this; Marta, Jessie, Derreck and Trish were second.  The good news is that everyone won something.

Lunch was your typical beans and wieners, with fruit salad, but since we were so hungry from all the work it tasted good.  A few campers shared their letters they were sending home, can you believe Hazel forgot her stamps and it never got mailed.  Oh yeah, and Nancy spells as badly as I do!!

Tomorrow is our last day and we are having International Day!  Should be fun, I have to dig out my African outfit.

When the bus leaves camp a bunch of us decided to go out for dinner, I hope you don't mind I will be  late getting home.

Luv You

Dear Diary,

Friday's can be very exhausting.  Starting out with the Practice Play gang, then the afternoon game which had 15 tables, busy, noisy and fun!  But talk about fun, the evening Individual was tons of fun.  Nobody know how anybody played and we just had to play by the seat of our pants.  It was so cool to just "play bridge" without worrying about partner's "system"!!

Vienna Coup is still leading the gap is closing, as Backwash Squeeze has more players out for the team game on Saturday.  Thelma Connors has been grabbing anyone on the red team and coercing them to come and play.  They had a variety of Camp Songs at campfire tonight, good, but not the best.  Oh yeah, Bill Cruden helped with the Cabin 1 lead by winning the individual tonight.

Smith Echoes had an original song for their cabin, thanks to Menashe.  Unfortunately they did not make a campfire (not gaining any points for that).  Beryl Higgs had good games this afternoon and this evening to earn points for Cabin #3.

Backwash Squeeze is coming up.  Nice mini-campfire earning them several points.  But the rendition of "Bill Grogan's Goat" gave the Cabin extra bonus points.  The downside is that the Camp Director knew that song very well, and decided to show that she could sing it backwards.... leaving no doubt in anyone's mind why she NEVER participates in Karaoke!!

Kamikaze Notrump keeps getting closer and with a good showing in Saturday's team game they have a shot of moving past 4th place.

Did I mention the latest recipients of the "Red Badge of Courage".  Well it is quite a story, I will tell you tomorrow.

Luv Ya


Thursday April 2nd

Dear Diary,

What a day for the Vienna Coup Cabin.  They seemed to have won every event, picking up twice the masterpoints as the other cabins.  Of course having Ruth Cruden bring all her craft items was helpful as well.  And a little birdie told me that Thelma has some camp songs up her sleeve for today. 

Cabin #3 Smith Echoes has slipped to 2nd, as they only picked up 581 masterpoints for their cabin.  But they have some new recruits as of last night.  Victor Lamoureux brought a REAL camp craft to assist in Spirit points for the cabin.

Backwash Squeeze collected most of their masterpoints in the evening when newcomer Phyllis grabbed 173 for them.  Trish Hattie and Evelyn Campbell of course had great crafts, I hear Evelyn is going into the "crafty" earring business with her daughter.  Anyone want edible earrings?

Kamikaze Notrump is sneaking up the pack.  Last night Colleen and Phyllis S. brought in camp crafts, Colleen Murphy Jones has been working on hers all last weekend.  Only a couple of hundred points behind Backwash.  Who knows, their knowledge of camp songs might bring them ahead tonight.

PS - There were two clever moves today - Vienna Coup brought in a cake that was quite crafty (!) and it was enjoyed by all with our evening snack.  And Terry and Marcie of the Kamikaze Notrump cabin softened up the Camp Director with some flowers.  Who says you can't buy points???

Wednesday April 1st

Dear Diary:

It is a great race, every one has had a chance at being in the lead.  Today Cabin #3 Smith' Echoes is in the lead.

 As of  April Fool’s Day the Cabin scoring the highest  scoring Cabin is Smith Echoes – this is largely accredited to the large Masterpoint takeover in the NEW Wednesday morning game and again on Wednesday Evening.  Get your players out there to participate in  the games – all they have to do is place and your cabin gets 10 x  the masterpoint value. Masterpoints have their value, but the outfits help.  Thank goodness on Tuesday night Fred and Hal, Dianne and Trish had the foresight to come not only as twins but they could have been quadruplets.

 Backwash Squeeze has GREAT team spirit.  It is a race between Evelyn Campbell and Trish Hattie for most imagination.  Evelyn’s Camp Counselor outfit and contribution to the Cabin decoration was huge.  But then Trish and Hazel’s “Sugar Twins” was really outstanding.  Imagine the outcome of a bridge “tournament” dependant on the SPIRIT of the players!!

 Kamikaze NoTrump came together on their cabin decorations, and with the Shaws, Pierre and Al doing their best to keep the cabin going they must rally their troops for more input into “Camp Finesselot”.  I am not sure if the Kamikaze's have noticed, but there is a little touch up for you to wear courtesy of their Cabin Leader Nancy Fraser.

 The Vienna Coup Cabin are blessed with the Bill & Ruth Cruden giving their all.  Not only did they bring the original cabin decorations -- they have a 'pottie'.  Yes, on Backwards Day they even made sure they entered the playing site walking backwards.  We noticed a new addition to their cabin, some crafty work by I think Jean Cooke.



THURSDAY Craft Day.  What did you make at Camp, bring your favourite Camp Craft for points for you Cabin.  Who can build a house of cards?

9:30 - Supervised Bridge with Jill & Steve.  Win prizes for your Cabin, can you build a house of Cards.  Team Colours, and logos will win extra points as well.

12:30 - OPEN Stratified Pairs - Club Championship.  Lunch will be served - Hot Dogs

7:00 - 0-300 Stratified Pairs - Club Championship.  Stay for Hotdogs (boiled not roasted over the campfire though)

FRIDAY Campfire - what would you bring to Campfire.  Can your Cabin lead us all in a Campfire song?  Prizes for spirit.

9:30 - Shuffle & Play with Jill.  Mystery Board Prize and a Special Campfire Prize

12:30 - OPEN Stratified Pairs- Club Championship

7:00 - INDIVIDUAL - Club Championship - Campfire songs win prizes!!

Let us make some SMORES!!  You cannot have campfire without SMORES!!

SATURDAY The Regatta - Swimming or Boating, all great camp activities.  Dress up and have some fun -- but please NO Bathing Suits.  Scavenger Hunt for Prizes

10:00 Pro/Am Team Event.  An Annual Upgraded Championship Game that can get your Team up on the wall!!  6 rounds of 6 boards.  Each team MUST have at least 2 Players with fewer than 200 Points.

Lunch will be served - Camp Style!!  (NO - we will not serve stewed prunes)

SUNDAY Our Last Day of Camp.  Pack your knapsacks, roll up your sleeping bags, it is time to catch the bus home.  Pictures of your time at camp!!  Of course not camp in complete without an International Day, dress in the attire of another country and win points for your cabin.  Last day for team points - so pull you team together and see how many points you can win today.  Please stay after the game as we have many SPECIAL prizes for TOP Point winners in each team and name the CABIN that will have their names on the wall!!

12:30 STRATIFIED OPEN PAIRS -- If we have enough tables we will make it a Strati-flighted game with C & B and A & X. 

4:00 - CLOSING CEREMONIES - Prizes for Cabins and overall winners.  It has become customary for players to meet for dinner after the game - Restaurant undecided - but please join us

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