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Fly Your Flag

 Create your own Jolly Roger and win points for your crew


9:30 Student and Newcomers only This group is getting ready to come and play - great time Tuesday morning.

12:30 I/N CROWD CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP) 0 299 only.  Great pirates and a 12 table game.  Great show from the Blackbeard Crew.

7:00 CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP STRATIFIED PAIRS  Bill, Ruth, Pam and Terry still keep us smiling with their great pirate outfits.  A couple of more visiters to "Shipwreck Island" -- lots of company for those that have gone down 1100 or more!!  We saw some unique Jolly Rogers.


Captain Morgan's Crew 7,508

                        Most Crew spirit Points Bill & Ruth Cruden - 330 pts

                        Most Master Points Gundi Husain - 620 masterpoints


Bluebeards's Crew 6,586

                        Most Crew Spirit Points Pam Tracey - 410 pts.

                        Most Master Points Brian Lafferty - 605 pts.

Blackbeard's Crew 5,804

                        Most Crew Spirit Points Jean Cooke - 310 points 

                        Most Master Points Lynn Switzer - 544 Masterpoints  



Captain Kidd's Crew 6,255

                        Most Crew Spirit POINTS Marta Mihoff - 230 points 

                        Most Master Points Terry Shaw - 483 masterpoints