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SUNDAY April  6th


Pirates & Princesses

Come dressed as your FAVOURITE Pirate or Princess

Win Crew Points!!  25 points for crew colours and 50 or more for costumes


11:00 Pro/Am Team Game  A great start to anniversary week. 

Pam Tracey wins the MOST team points for a fabulous Pirate Costume - right down to the missing teeth!!

Event winners was the team with the youngest player -- CONGRATULATIONS to the Lamareux Team - they had a shut out winning all 6 matches and 471 points each for their Crews (each member of the team were on a different crew!!)

Kidnapping took place after the 4th play round finding Hazel Harlow getting abducted to the Captain Morgan Crew, Jill McCormick got kidnapped to Blackbeard's crew - a ploy on their part to have her with on the same crew as her bridge partner, but alas Steve got kidnapped by Bluebeard's crew!!

Thank you to Donnell Gibbs for the wonderful Lasagna lunch, with salad, garlic bread and lots of sweets.


The Crew's did struggle with the treasure hunt, clearly they needed practice on working out clues to a treasure, but the second treasure hunt went a lot smoother.  Bluebeard's crew was the most apt at following clues and completing their tasks.


Blackbeard's Crew 2279

                        Most Team Points Bea Brown

                        Most Master Points Lynn Switzer



Bluebeard's Crew 3533

                        Most Team Points Pam Tracey

                        Most Master Points Brian Lafferty


Captain Morgan's Crew 3243

                        Most Team Points Bill & Ruth Cruden

                        Most Master Points Victor Lamareux


Captain Kidd's Crew 2412

                        Most Team POINTS Terry Shaw

                        Most Master Points Dave Jackson