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Pirates Galore

A SPECIAL Event to support the Alzheimer's Society of Nova Scotia as the staff and friends of the Bridge Studio prepare to take part in the "Alzheimer's Memory Walk"


12:30 CHARITY PAIRS Last event for of the Celebration.  Visitors came from Truro and won the event, congratulations to Boyd and Jo Ann.

Unfortunately the dinner plans got changed, but we hope that everyone had some fun somewhere!!

Lots of prizes were awarded to top point winners.  Brian Lafferty, Jill McCormick, Steve Anderson, Gundi Husain, Beryl Higgs, Bill and Ruth Cruden.  Best costume to Pam Tracey.  "Shipwreck Island" resident John Marshall and many more.

Balon, Kathie, Bill and Jill want to thank everyone for making the event fun for everyone.

Captain Morgan's Crew 15,167

                        Top Point Winner Beryl Higgs  (1468)

                        Most Master Points Beryl Higgs (963)

                        Most Crew Points earned - Bill Cruden (840)

                        Honourable Mentions - Ruth Cruden

                                                             Victor Lamareux


Blackbeard's Crew 13,162

                        Top Point Winner Jill McCormick (1367)

                        Most Master Points Jill McCormick (1037)

                        Most Crew Points earned - Jean Cooke (435)

                        Honourable Mention - Lynn Switzer - 1183 points


Bluebeards's Crew 11,497

                        Top Point Winner - Steve Anderson (1262)

                        Most Master Points Steve Anderson (1037)

                        Most Crew Points earned Pam Tracey (540)

                        Honourable Mentions: Jessie Macdonald - 1052 points

                                                            Brian Lafferty - 1076 points


Captain Kidd's Crew 10,910

                        Top Point Winner - Marta Mihoff (1163)

                        Most Master Points Marta Mihoff (688)

                         Most Crew Points earned - Marta Mihoff (475)

                        Honourable Mentions - Terry Shaw - 891

                                                            Derek Broughton - 741

                                                            Claudette Hodgins - 820

   Special thanks to Bill Halliday, a Captian Kidd crew member who kept all the records up to date!!