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9:30 - Doubles Class Jill was on top of things for the morning group.  Lots of fun while learning more about Doubles - points were tallied but awaiting confirmation from the "point master".

12:30 CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP – 13 1/2 tables with lots of pirates in the room.  The Captain Morgan team had a good showing - selecting Hazel to join the team was a good move as she quickly brought gold coins and other pirate paraphernalia to the crew.  Captain Kidd is struggling with their between round games, but Shaw and Ayer made a strategic move to pair up for the days game and gain extra masterpoints for their crew.  And Blackbeard is not far behind and can move up quickly.

 7:00 Student only – A bridge plus game for some, defensive review and some card play for the beginner class - along with some wine and cheese for a fun evening at the tables.  Points were scored for all crews and we were all surprised by what some of these new players want to take with them when cut adrift.

Captain Morgan's Crew – 4999

                        Most Team Points – Ruth & Bill Cruden 220 points each

                        Most Master Points – Victor Lamareux 471 points



Bluebeards's Crew – 4766

                        Most Team Points – Pam Tracey - 270 - nice rowboad

                        Most Master Points – Brian Lafferty 471 pts


Captain Kidd's Crew – 4190

                        Most Team POINTS – Marta Mihoff - 155 points

                        Most Master Points – David Jackson 471 masterpoints



Blackbeard's Crew – 3574

                        Most Team Points – Evelyn Campbell 125 points

                        Most Master Points – 471 Master points for Lynn Switzer