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007 Bond Style

MOONRAKER:          17452

                CASINO ROYALE      16228

                GOLDFINGER          16079

                DR. NO                     15448

      The HIGHEST Masterpoint winner – Stuart Eastwood with 1297 – also the MOST total points with 1607 – Goldfinger Team

      Highest POINT getter for MOONRAKER – Terry Shaw with 1399; followed closely by BILL CRUDEN with 1067 total points and 707 masterpoints for the week!!  Most Team Spirit points goes to DOUG CONNORS with 448 with Bill Cruden slightly behind.  Honorably mention to Marta Mihoff with 320 Team points and 650 masterpoints.

      CASINO ROYALE’s  Most masterpoints and TOTAL points winner is RUTH CRUDEN (those ‘gems’ on Tuesday were fantastic – we won’t mention the drug smuggling)  accumulating 1212 Total points (505 team points and 707 masterpoints).  TEAM POINTS to Pam Tracey (as long as the police did not pick her up for concealed weapons!) we a close 2nd with 450 and masterpoints from Toby Kenney of 483 is what brought Casino Royale to 2nd place.

     3rd place finishers GOLDFINGER were lead in masterpoints from Stuart Eastwood and John Ayer (is anyone surprised by that?).  However the MOST Team points were accumulated by THELMA CONNORS with 425 points.  The Second highest TOTAL POINT winner for Goldfinger was Claudette Hodgins with 1166.

     DR. NO  team was up and down all week.  The top point winners were BERYL HIGGS and STEVE ANDERSON.  Beryl being the top points getter with 1326 which includes 601 Masterpoints and 725 Team points.  Top masterpoints goes to Steve Anderson with 833.

    Balon, Jill and Kathie hope you all had a good time, and congratulate EVERYONE on their fine efforts.  A total of 124 tables for the week made it a successful event and we look forward to next year when we will be celebrating our 10th ANNIVERSARY.

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