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Thursday March 20, 2005

1st place ---  Buffalo Bill’s Bruisers

2nd place --- Kickbackers

3rd place ---  Wildcards

4th place --- All Blacks


Most Points won:

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Buffalo Bill’s Bruisers  Team Colors – Black & Blue

              Owner:   Bill Halliday

              Coach:    Beryl Higgs

              Coach:    Eileen Escobar

The Bruisers are ...


Kickbackers  Team Colors – Red & White

              Owner:   Kathie Macnab

              Coach:    Stuart Eastwood

              Coach:    Pam Tracey

The Kickbackers are ...


Wild Cards  Team Colors – Green & White

              Owner:   Jill McCormick

              Coach:    Steve Anderson

              Coach:    Menashe Cieplinski

The Wildcards are ...



All Blacks  Team Colors – Black & Black

              Owner:   Balon Buckley

              Coach:    Nancy Fraser

              Coach:    Margie Oulton

The All Blacks are ...