Get in the Game!

ANNIVERSARY WEEK 2005 – “The Wide World of Sports”


The Bridge Studio’s 7th Anniversary Week Celebration  

     The West End Wildcards........... NPC Jill McCormick....... Green & White

     the Kickbackers............. NPC Kathie Macnab...... Red & White

     Buffalo Bill’s Bruisers.... NPC Bill Halliday......... Black & Blue

     The All Blacks............... NPC Balon Buckley........ Black & Black

**NPC – “NO Points Captain”

>>>>> PLEASE NOTE --  You can play with ANY player from ANY team.  Your partnerships are not restricted to your own team members. <<<<<

SUNDAY March 20 – Let the Games Begin!

Meet and Greet Team Mates – How is your TEAM SPIRIT!

P    PEP RALLY & BRUNCH beginning at NOON


P    Points for TEAM CHEER, Colours and Banner!!

 MONDAY March 21 – Monday Night (& Day) Football

Football Jackets, Helmets, Team Trivia


P    Afternoon TREATS – Chips & Dip

P    7:00 – The Bridge Studio’s “PRO/AM PAIRS GAME” CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP

P    Pros – Players holding 100 or more Masterpoints

P    Ams – Players holding less than 100 Masterpoints (1 AM in each partnership)

P    TEAM SPIRIT POINTS, bring a football, football jacket or other equipment

P    Wear your TEAM COLOURS

P    Pizza Night

 TUESDAY March 22 – BASKETBALL “The Final 8”

Shoot some hoops, win some points.  Fun for all – ALL day long!

P    9:30 – TOPICS IN BRIDGE: The I/N Crowd takes their teams to the top.  Balon’s “Suit Establishment” topic will have some games & quizzes to win points for your team.  Don’t forget to come in your TEAM COLOURS.

P    IN Crowd LUNCH beginning at 11:45, Soup & Sandwiches, veggies & fruit

P    12:30 – More chances for the IN Crowd to WIN for their team.  A special PAIRS CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP for players with less than 50 Masterpoints, PRIZES, POINTS & FOOD.

P    7:00 MEMBERSHIP PAIRS GAME A special game offered from the ACBL where all ACBL members will receive extra Masterpoint awards.

P    Shoot some hoops and WIN points for your team!!

P    Wear your team colours and bring a trophy you have won for TEAM SPIRIT POINTS.

P    Nacho’s, salsa, sour cream and guacamole post game snacks

 WEDNESDAY March 23 – BASEBALL “The World Series”

“Take Me Out to the Ballgame”  Peanuts & Crackerjacks

P  9:30 – “PLAY OF THE HAND” class, week 9.  WIN points for your team, dress in team colours.  Answer the Bridge Trivia.  Prizes and Graduating Certificates. (ANY former Diamond student is invited to attend this final class of Play and Review)

P  7:00 HANDICAPPED PAIRS – CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP Enjoy some peanuts and popcorn.  Don’t forget your team colours.  Baseball caps & jersey’s get extra points.

P  Who knows “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”?  Who on your team will perform?

P  Stay for a hotdog after the game.

 THURSDAY March 24  

Lead, Second,d mate or Skip -- Are you a curler??  Get a chance to throw a "rockl" and some points for your team.

9:30 -- 0 - 5 PRACTICE PLAY - First chance of the day to win some points, Jill will have some special snacks for the "rink" as well as a lucky "draw".

12:30 STRATIFIED PAIRS CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP  Throw a "rock" and see if you can get it in the "House" to score bonus points for your TEAM.  Come in your best "curling gear" and don't forget those team colours.

Celebration Cake and cookies for all the Thursday players.

7:00 BIDDING CLASS  ALL Students also can participate in this special night.  "Take out" is the theme, plus a pencil and some paper for a little bridge quiz.  Pate, cheese and crackers for this fine new group of players.

SATURDAY March 26th --  GOLF  " A day on the Links!"

PRO / AM SWISS TEAMS  Beginning at 10:00 am  A playthrough 1 1/2 session game.

Each team MUST have 2 AMs ( players with less than 300 Masterpoints)

Throughout the day the Pro pairs will pit themselves against the opposing Pro pairs and the Ams will take on the Ams.

DINNER BREAK will feature a 7 Foot sub Sandwich, salad and cookies.

Know any good golf jokes?  Dust them off and be ready to entertain for points.

AWARDS CEREMONY with some appetizers immediately following the Team Game.  The organizers will have a chance to tally the points and find a winner.  Also we will name the individual winners from each team and award the trophies. If you are not playing on Saturday join us at about 5:00 for the Awards and Presentations.


Saturday March 26

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