Let the Games Begin

March 20th – 26th, 2005



      12:30 PM – The FIRST Club Championship of the WEEK.  Winners of this club Chairty were:

      1st      Stuart Eastwood and John Ayer

      2nd      Peter Van der Bursch and Robert Arkalien

Points for Team Cheers and Banners went to – The Kickbackers, The Bruisers, and The Wildcards.

The Wildcards scored some TEAM SPIRIT points when one of the team members came with his “Boxers” worn on the outside of his clothes.  TEAM SPIRIT points for the Bruisers also for one of the coaches making some pom poms for the team.  The Bruisers are trying to wangle the officials to give them some other points for their “Team Banner” that the team owner left at home that day.  The Kickbackers got off to a terrific start with many members of the team attending today’s game and ALL in their team colours.  The All Blacks claimed their coolness at the table by being cheerless for the half time cheering competition.




12:30 PM  1st PLACE – Medric Cousineau and Nancy Fraser

                  2nd Place – Ruth and Bill Cruden

            Anniversary Week’s first Club Championship goes to TWO members of the All Blacks – Nancy and Medric.  Players came dressed in football jackets and were definitely in the mood to tackle their game.  Snackies were available and lots of chatter from each team on strategies for the rest of the week.

7:30 PM  .   1st PLACE – Pierre Proulx and Al Dorey

                  2nd PLACE – Scott MacDougall and Bob MacDougall

            Tonights Club Championship was a  Bridge Studio “Pro/Am Pairs” Game.  The Kickbackers and the Wildcards both scored victories thanks to the efforts of one of the Studio’s newest players Al Dorey, who with his “Pro” Partner took first place in this 12-table game.  By the way you had to see the Green and White Hat on Al, it was definitely worth the TEAM SPIRIT points for his team.  One of the Kickbackers not only was dressed in her red & white, but apparently snuck into her son’s ‘locked’ bedroom to ‘borrow’ his football jacket!!  Good Score for the Kickbackers!!  Masterpoints were fairly even on Monday night though as Scott MacDougall (All Blacks) and his brother Bob (Bruiser’s) scored 2nd place masterpoints for their respective teams.  The Kickbackers however dominated the field in attendance and those TEAM SPIRIT POINTS are a real held in achieving a final victory.  The Team that won the evening challenge was the Bruisers for naming 38 out of 42 Professional Football Teams.



9:30 AM    Balon’s Bridge Topic Again the players were out in force, this time it was the IN Crowd’s turn to gain points for their teams.  There was some bridge and bridge quizzes involved but the highlight was the “hoops” contest.  Rose hope for The Bruiser’s scored two very quick baskets, I hope we have a picture of Alice Harrison and her winning shot!!

            Soup, Sandwiches, and fruit were served for Lunch and many players stayed to enjoy the afternoon game.

12:30 PM  IN Crowd Championship Pairs

                1st PLACE - Jean and Ray Cooke

                2nd PLACE - Linda Howard and William Murphy

            The afternoon CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP  for the IN Crowd (players with less than 50 Masterpoints) was a great time.  Ray Cooke made a rare appearance and as a member of the Bruiser’s brought on a victorious game with his partner Jean (Kickbackers).  Followed closely by Wildcard player Murph and an All Black Linda Howard.  Prizes went to these winners and a great afternoon for the all the participants.


                1st PLACE – Scott MacDougall and Del Knox

                2nd PLACE – Ruth and Bill Cruden

            Tonight’s game was a special offering from the ACBL – A Membership Game with mega-points for all the ACBL Members who placed.  This was a big victory for both the All Blacks and the Bruisers placing 1st and 2nd respectively.  Lots of trophies were brought in by the players to earn some TEAM SPIRIT points, plus every player came dressed in the Team Colours for 50 points each.  But the BEST DRESSED was Evelyn Campbell  with her “Basket & Ball Hat” – WELL DONE!  Nachos with the proper condiments were provided as a special treat



9:30 AM  The Play of the Hand Group got the day started as they each appeared in their TEAM colours, special points went to Roy Driscoll for the bravery of going out on this cold winter day in his finest green and white summer outfit – the green and white handkerchiefs were an added touch.   Thanks to Alice were have some good photos of the event.

7:00 PM  Handicapped Pairs, Club Championship

                1st PLACE – Doug Hamilton and Stuart Eastwood

                2nd PLACE – Nancy Fraser and Lil Ring

            TEAM SPIRT points for Stuart McInnis (The Kickbackers) for his rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”, dressed in the best red & white hat I have seen in ages.  Menashe Cieplinski showed off his whistling talents as he whistled and Betty Buckley sang.  But points went to Nancy Fraser and the All Blacks for their personal touch.

                                                Take me out to the Bridge Game

                                                                        Take me out for some cards.

                                                                        Give me some Kings, Queens and maybe a Jack

                                                                        We don’t Aces ‘cause we’re the ALL BLACKS.

                                                                        Trump, trump, trump on the short side.

                                                                        It’s a small slam, I’ll be damned

                                                                        For it’s three, two, one board to go

                                                                        At the Bridge Studio!!



9:30 AM – Jill’s Practice Play

            A Bridge Quiz for the students with some cake to enjoy made this morning special.  Lots of outfits to represents the teams and the CURLING theme this Thursday.


                1st PLACE          - Bill and Ruth Cruden

                2nd PLACE          - Bill and June Taylor

            Pam brought a rock that apparently was used to curl with by her ancestors in the early 1700 back in Scotland, well that is her story and she is sticking to it.  Thelma Connors came in her full curling ensemble complete with pins.  All of these efforts scored Team Spirit Points for the participants.  The Cruden’s pulled the Bruiser’s up to 2nd place in the overalls but the KICKBACKERS are still leading, mostly due to the number of players out in the playing field.  The throwing of the rock at the house (actually, a little Styrofoam ball at a target) helped the Kickbackers and the Bruisers in gaining points for the day.




                1st PLACE – K. Macnab, Jo Ann Lynds, Bev McDonald, Jim McDonald

                2nd PLACE – J. McCormick, S. Anderson, H. Harlow, D. Dexter

            The “day on the links” bought out all the golfers in full regalia, Evelyn Campbell sporting “Tee earring” along with every other golf paraphernalia known to mankind enabled the Wildcard team to sprint into SECOND PLACE in the final standings.  11 teams played, making a 3-ring circus and a difficulty in keeping the Pro vs. Pro and Am vs. Am venue.  A 9-foot sub, salad and lots of treats for the day made the entire event a wonderful experience.

At the AWARDS CEREMONY The KICKBACKERS were proclaimed this years champs and their names will go on a plaque next to the previous winners.  The TOP Masterpoint winner for the week was STUART EASTWOOD  of the Kickbackers, with a grand total of 8.63 Masterpoints.  2nd place for Masterpoints was Steve Anderson of the Wildcards with 7.12 and 3rd Place was a tie with TWO Bruiser members Bill and Ruth Cruden with 6.44 each, and the 4th Place Masterpoint winner was Nancy Fraser for the All Blacks.  TEAM SPIRIT TROPHIES  went to: Kickbackers – Pam Tracey

                                                               Wildcards – Menashe Cieplinski

                                                               All Blacks – Margie Oulton

                                                               Bruisers – Beryl Higgs

            The is a special mention to EVERYONE as it was a great week, not only for all the regular players, but the “new-to duplicate” players and the students as well!!


      A big thank you to everyone for your time and efforts and helping to make this Anniversary Week another Great Bridge Studio Event!!

                                                              Balon, Kathie, Jill and Bill


      PS – Wait ‘til you see what we have in store for NEXT Year!!





      – Overall Points Won

      -- Non-life Master with Most points won

      -- Novice Player with Most points for the week


      Special Awards:

      – 2nd Most Points won

      – Novice Participation

expbul1a   Decorating and Team Spirit