Welcome to GRYFFINDOR  

Your House Colours are:  Red and Gold

Gryffindors are fearless bidders who would rather reach a difficult slam than play in a routine game.  They also love to defend, and will try any bold play to try and defeat the other side.

TOTAL TEAM POINTS  8863    3rd Place

Gryffindor highlights:

Monday - Sheila Cardone & Leona Telfer win first place in the Pro/Am Game

Tuesday - Almost the entire team arrived in colors.  Sheila Cardone had another strong placing along with a 2nd place finishing from Marina Forster.

Wednesday - This was the downfall of Gryffindor but brought the team together to rally for Thursday. Jane becomes the house mother with ribbons for everyone.

Thursday - Not only does room boast lots of Red & Gold but Rose Hope brings along Harry Potter to win massive team points for Gryffindor.  A new Gryffindor Helen Burns (direct from the valley) won masterpoints for the team.  Gryffindor moves into 3rd place.

Friday - Few masterpoints were won for the team that night, but thanks to Lil Ring and her "polyjuice" - complete with formula and her wonderful witches costume the team plus answering all the Trivia questions correctly this team held onto their 3 place.

Saturday - Brooms for the team.  You can't play Quidditch without your broom and Lil Ring made sure her team members arrived with brooms.  Shirley Johns was a tremedous help to the team with a first place finish earning 293 points for the team and making her the leading point getter for Gryffindor.


       Shirley Johns - Most Points won for the week -- 807

      Jane Spindler - House Prefect

Honorable mention for the most masterpoints won- Sheila Cardone 425


                        Points                                     Points                                  Points

Helen Burns       223         Sheila Cardone        725      Dorothy Chisholm      100

Doris Currie         50         Jim Dempsey               0      Caroline Dempsey     640

Marion Fraser      65         Marina Forster         366      Lou Gass                  292

June Gibson       165         Rosemary Hasiuk         0      Greg Homer                47

Rose Hope         555        Shirley Johns            807       Kari Kariyawansa       75

Colin Langille         0         James Leroy               40      Rob Macaulay            50

Casper Macaulay  25        Helen MacDonald      10      Kate MacDonald        50

Joyce Morton       60        Janet Murray              20      Winnie Nickerson          0

Margie Oulton     445       Lillian Ring                512     Rosemary Sampson    534

J.L. Schaffner      730       Effie Shirley              100      Geraldine Smith              0

Jane Spindler       580      Daren Smith                 0      Adele Stewart                0

Anna Stockdale     10       Bill Taylor                275      Leona Telfer               150

Carol Thompson  135       Ken Thompson            0


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