The King is Dead

Friday, 02 November 2018 by

My blog earlier today about Karl - obviously was not informed as to just how serious the matter was of his visit to hospital.  Karl passed away this afternoon.  I am so sorry Kerry.  Our hearts seriously go out to you my friend.  Karl has been there from the beginning of almost all of our Bridge experiences.  Dating back to the early 70's.  Karl was a giver.  A giver to Maritime Bridge.  A giver to all his friends.  Karl visted my home twice in Melbourne Australia.  Once with his lovely wife Kerry.  We had a hell of time together.  I flew into San Francisco a few years back - to play Bridge with Ken Eisner and Karl and Leo at the Nationals.  I am glad I had the experience of seeing him on this side of the desk!  Can't say enough about it.  If there is one thing to say about what Karl meant to me it is this.  He made me laugh.  Thanks mate.  Job well done.