Sunday Best - success!

Monday, 29 October 2018 by Mike Tanner

The launch of "Sunday Best" pairs was a resounding success!  Our two rookie directors - Gerry & Mike - remarkably survived unscathed.  It was wonderful to see a handful of rookie players show up too, alongside a smattering of advanced players and a bunch of players in between.  It was a wonderful mix, with several of the newer players commenting how much they enjoyed and appreciated being able to play against all different types of players.  And how nice everyone was (it could have been a side-effect of the homemade treats).  Kudos to the pairs who won their sections: 

  • E-W:  Gerry Smith & Colin Binnington (C), Rudd Race & Dave Tanner (B), Steve Anderson & Brian Arsenault (A)
  • N-S:  Diane Beech & Effie Shirley (C), Donna Dexter & Glen Dexter (B & A)

Thanks to all for making it such a fun afternoon.  Special thanks to those who showed up early for "Gerry's Tip" - see below.  If you have suggestions for future topics let us know.


Gerrys Tip