Deb Stover - Liz Legacy 2nd in Canada!

Monday, 26 November 2018 by Mike Tanner
  • Look at  this on the Canadian Bridge Federation web site ... the Studio pair of Debbie Stover & Liz Legacy were 2nd in Canada for the recent Erin Berry Rookie-Master game!!  Congrats to you both, it was well deserved.  Studio pairs also finished 8th (Steve Coates & Rosemary Sampson) and 25th (Jim Mathers & Geraldine Smith) on the same list.  Wonderful.
  • In more Liz news ... Liz Legacy & Jim Kirby won the "A" NAP District Finals recently held at the Studio, with Stuart Eastwood & John Ayer in 2nd, and Terry Shaw & Roddy MacKenzie 3rd.  The "C" pairs were held the same weekend and won by Connor Havens & Cindy Havens of Moncton, followed by Peter Mullally & Michael Hogan (2nd) and Richard Nickerson & Randy Anderson (3rd).  Trememdous job by all of them.
  • Finally, the McLeod and Lagan trophies were awarded this past weekend to the players who won the most points in Atlantic sectional tournaments in 2018 ... and guess who?  Liz Legacy (McLeod) and Stuart Eastwood (Lagan).  Both well deserved.