A Funny Thing Happened at My Table

Monday, 29 October 2018 by Gary Brown

I found myself in a game with someone I had never played with before.  My partner was neither a beginner nor a top player.  But was reasonable.

I like to keep system agreements simple - especially when playing with a new partner.   But partner insisted on play Jacoby 2NT.  Reluctantly I agreed - figuring it best to keep partner happy.  Then it came up - second hand out of the gate.  Partner opened 1 spade and I bid 2NT.  I had a lovely 17 count with four spades.  Then my partner passed.  I almost fell out of my chair.  After making 11 tricks in 2NT - I composed myself and asked: 

"I thought you wanted to play Jacoby 2NT?" 

Partner said "I do". 

"Then why did you pass? I asked"

"I passed because I thought you forgot."