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Juniors/Youth Page

District 1 would like to encourage our younger players, by having a page on the website dedicated to Junior/Youth Bridge.



1)      A player is considered a Youth in any given year if he/she has at most his/her 20th birthday, in the calendar year in question.


2)      A player is considered a Junior in a given year if he/she has at most his/her

      25th birthday, in the calendar year in question.


The ACBL and Canadian Bridge Federation (CBF) have programs for competitive players, leading up to competitions to represent Canada at World Bridge Federation championships. There is also the King/Queen of Bridge Award presented by ACBL to a deserving student in his final year of High School. The Manager of the CBF Junior program is Nader Hanna, who can be reached through the CBF Website www.cbf.ca .

Over the years, District 1 has had players in the Youth, Intercollegiate, and Junior World Bridge Championships.  

Bridge in Schools: District 1 has a number of very successful school bridge programs. Typically, they are ACBL sponsored programs that are run after school or at lunch hour, but there are a number of programs (in Kingston and Moncton) where they are part of the school curriculum. Other very successful programs are held in Ottawa and Truro. If you would like to tell us about your school program, or want to know if there is a program in your area of District 1, please contact leowen@primus.ca.

 ACBL Events for Juniors:

1)      NABC Youth North American Bridge Championships.


2)      Every North American Bridge Championships (there are 3 each year) has a Junior Day, which includes games for Juniors and a reception.

3)       There is an annual Intercollegiate Bridge Championships which lately has been held on-line

4)      Each year there is a Junior Month when each ACBL club can hold special games, the proceeds of which go to th ACBL and CBF Junior Funds.

        There is also usually a Junior Bridge Summer camp somewhere in the world every   year.

 Junior Bridge Links:

1)      Bridge is Cool

2)      A.C.B.L. Juniors Homepage

3)      C.B.F. Canadian Bridge Federation Junior page   

4)      School Bridge League

All the above sites have links to other Junior Bridge sites.  

Juniors, this is your page! If you can recommend other sites, have recommendations, or want to contribute to the site please contact the website at leowen@primus.ca