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Le district 1 de ACBL

La ligue américaine de bridge par contracts (ACBL) est composée de 25 districts aux États Unis, le Canada, le Mexique et les Bermudes. Chaque district est responsables de l'administration de son propre secteur et a un directeur du conseil d'administration. Chaque district est composé d'un certain nombre d'unités qui sont responsable pour le bridge dans leurs secteurs. Chaque unité est représentée dans son conseil local et détiend des droits de votes basés sur le pourcentage de la population de bridge du district.

ACBL District 1 is officially known as the Eastern Canadian Bridge Conference.  It is made up of Units in Eastern Canada, including the Provinces of Quebec (Que.), New Brunswick (NB), Prince Edward Island (PEI), Nova Scotia (NS), Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) and the Eastern portion of Ontario( Ont.).  There are six Units (from West to East): Unit 192(Eastern Ont. and Western Que.); Unit 151 (Montreal, Que.); Unit 152 (Quebec City); Unit 199 (Saguenay Region of Que.), Unit 230 (NB and PEI) and Unit 194 (NS and NL). These Units are responsible for running Sectional Tournaments as well as organizing the local  aspects of ACBL wide events and relationships with ACBL Clubs.

District 1 is the only District made up solely of Canadian members.  It is also the only officially bilingual (English-French) District in the ACBL  It’s member live in a large geographic area stretching from Kingston, Ont. to the Atlantic Ocean and from the US border to the Arctic.  Members live in 3 Time Zones (Eastern, Atlantic and Newfoundland) covering 2.5 hours.

District 1 is responsible for 4 Regionals per year, which it delegates the running of to the local Unit.  These regionals are:

  • CanAt in Halifax ( even numbered years 2008, 2010... ) in June/July

  • CanAt in N. B. ( odd numbered years 2009, 2011... ) in June/July

  • CanAm in Montreal in August

  • National Capital in Ottawa in October

  • Quebec City  in odd numbered years in May

  • Split Regional in Kinston and either Miramichi or Chicoutimi in even numbered years in May.

The District is also responsible for the local organization of ACBL wide events such as the North American Pairs, Grand National Teams and a District – wide Charity Game.

Many members are also members of the Canadian Bridge Federation (CBF) which represents Canada on Canadian international bridge matters and runs special events for Canadian members.  Units 230 and 194 members live in CBF Zone 1 CBF and Units 192, 151, 152 and 199 are in CBF Zone 2.