For Immediate Release:


Making Winners out of Ordinary Players


by Joyce Penn


Announcing the 2012 ABTA Master Point Press Teacher of the Year Award


September 10, 2011  Do your area bridge teachers get the recognition they deserve? Many inspirational teachers around the country give their students the priceless gift of bridge, on a regular basis.  Good teachers’ passion for the game shines through in their classroom. They present bridge material in an interesting, original way, encouraging their students to learn more and take the next step to becoming competent players. In conjunction with Master Point Press, the American Bridge Teachers Association (ABTA) will present the third annual “Teacher of the Year” plaque and cash award, next March in Memphis, at the ABTA’s 2012 Conference, March 13 – March 16, 2012.


Students who hold their teacher in high regard, who feel their teacher cares about their successes and non-successes at the bridge table, are encouraged to nominate their teacher for this prestigious award.  Here’s the opportunity for your teacher to be recognized as one of the world’s best. District boards who feel strongly about an area teacher(s) are encouraged to do likewise. There are many teachers regularly filling their classroom with joy and teaching their art with warmth and passion. This is the perfect award for such individuals.


A total of five finalists will be chosen from the nominees received, with one from each geographic quadrant of the United States, plus one from Canada. A good teacher is a very important person who stays updated with bridge’s constantly changing methods, and enthusiastically shares his/her love of the game with students.  Recommendations in the form of a few words of praise for an outstanding teacher may be submitted in consideration for this prestigious award.


Nominations are being accepted from September 1, 2011 until January 31, 2012.  Please explain in one or two paragraphs why a teacher deserves consideration. Nominees must have at least 5 years teaching experience and teach at least 75 hours per year.


Master Point Press is the world’s largest publisher of bridge books and bridge eBooks. ABTA, the professional bridge teachers organization, includes members from the US, Canada, Australia, England, Greece & Japan, and enables teachers to share creative ideas, participate in online discussion groups, and helps them enrich their skills.


Submissions may be emailed to Joyce Penn, Chairman, at or sent to 2800 Squires Ridge, Columbus, OH 43220. Joyce, past president of the ABTA, encourages students to nominate their teacher. Each submission will be acknowledged. Past nominees are eligible for re-submission.


Teacher of the Year 2011-2012 Committee:  Marti Ronemus (York PA), Tina Radding (Charleston SC), Joan Anderson (W Des Moines IA), Linda Lee (Toronto ON), and Joyce Penn (Columbus OH), Chairman.



Criteria for ABTA Master Point Press Teacher of the year: 2012 Award  




Criteria for Nomination


Teachers will be considered with a focus on the following:

a)    Teaching excellence

b)    Innovation

c)    Service to bridge

d)    Service to the community


A. Teaching excellence (50%)



B. Innovation (25%)



C. Service To Bridge (20%)


This will be based on evidence such as:


D. Service To The Community (5%)



Teacher of the Year 2011-2012 Committee:  Marti Ronemus, Tina Radding, Joan Anderson, Linda Lee, Joyce Penn, Chairman.