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as of 6th October 2013


Grand Life Master is the highest rank in the ACBL.  Requirements of a Life Master with 10,000 Master points ( with at least 2000 silver, red, gold or platinum of which at least 750 must be gold or platinum with a minimum of 100 platinum ); It requires 10,000 Masterpoints and one victory in a North American Bridge Championship with no upper Masterpoint restriction or an Open Team Trials or its equivalent or a Women’s Team Trials or its equivalent or any of the following WBF events: Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup, Rosenblum Cup, McConnell Cup, Open Pairs, Women’s Pairs, Olympiad, Women’s Team Olympiad, WBF Senior Pairs event, WBF World Swiss Teams, WBF World Mixed Teams, and WBF Senior Teams


For members joining or reinstated to the ACBL after January 1, 2010 or reinstated requirements are:  No Changes


Life Masters Bronze LMs Silver LMs Gold LMs
Diamond LMs Emerald LMs Platinum LMs Grand LMs


Baran, Boris Cote Saint-Luc, QC
Demuy, Vincent Laval, QC
Peckett, Heather Nepean, ON



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