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as of 6th October 2013


Diamond Life Master A Life Master with 5,000 Master points ( with at least 1,000 silver, red, gold or platinum of which at least 250 must be gold or platinum ).


For members joining or reinstated to the ACBL after January 1, 2010 or reinstated requirements are:  A Life Master with 5,000 masterpoints (at least 1,000 silver, red, gold or platinum, of which at least 250 must be gold or platinum)**.



Life Masters Bronze LMs Silver LMs Gold LMs
Diamond LMs Emerald LMs Platinum LMs Grand LMs


Bouchard, Solange Jonquiere, QC
Bowman, Bill Ottawa, ON
Bowman, John Ottawa, ON
Brown, Stephen Ottawa, ON
Cannell, P Drew Doll-Des-Ormeau, QC
Castonguay, Jean Lery, QC
Cimon, Francine Montreal, QC
Cole, James Black Rock, NS
De Merchant, Garnet Fredericton, NB
Dunn, Roger Longueuil, QC
Eastwood, Stuart Halifax, NS
Feinstein, Ruth Montreal, QC
Fourcaudot, Marc-Andre Montreal, QC
Fox, Sandra Sackville, NB
Frukacz, Waldemar Gloucester, ON
Gauthier, F Montreal, QC
Giaccone, Victor Nepean, ON
Gillespie, John Orleans, ON
Harris, Patricia Head St Mar Bay, NS
Hartop, Mike Ammon, NB
Hoffer, Fred Montreal, QC
Jain, Pushpa Ottawa, ON
Kersey, Donald Kingston, ON
Latulippe, Robert Quebec, QC
Legacy, Elizabeth Halifax, NS
Lemkow, Louis Nepean, ON
Lesage, Richard Montreal, QC
Lupovich, Joan Montreal, QC
Measures, John Ottawa, ON
Morgan, John Navan, ON
Moulton, Myrtle Halifax, NS
Nanavati, Shirish Ottawa, ON
Nandy, Shubi Gloucester, ON
Pelletier, Rene Quebec, QC
Rapson, Bryan Halifax, NS
Retek, George Montreal, QC
Riegle, Jim Ottawa, ON
Rivard, Janine St Aug de Desma, QC
Smith, Jeffrey Ottawa, ON
Unglik, Henry Ottawa, ON
Weniger, Leo Halifax, NS
Zeller, Bob Kanata, ON




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