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ACBL District 1 - Goodwill Committee

2012 Committee Appointees are:


Christine Bourbeau of Laval, QC

Laurence Bouchard, Quebec, QC


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Membership on the ACBL Goodwill Committee is a lifetime appointment. This Committee is composed of all past and present appointees and Members at large. Members at large are District Directors, Chairmen of the Board of Governors, Honorary Members, and "ACBL Goodwill Members of the Year."

The Chair of the ACBL Goodwill Committee is elected by the ACBL Board of Directors for a three-year term. The current ACBL Goodwill Committee Chair is Eileen Osofsky.

The Goodwill Committee Chair names seven Assistant Chairs to serve concurrently. The Assistant Chairs represent ACBL's geographic areas, which are: East, South, Midwest, Northwest, Southwest, Eastern Canada, and (with the Manitoba-Ontario border as the dividing point) Western Canada.

Every calendar year each member of the ACBL Board of Directors appoints up to two ACBL members to the Goodwill Committee. Each District Director may also make up to two additional appointments to fill District vacancies created by deaths of prior appointees.

George Retek, District Director for ACBL is please to announce Pierre Hamelin, Quebec City as 2008 District 1 Goodwill Committee Appointee.


The ACBL Goodwill Committee and its individual members work to create goodwill for ACBL. They receive, convey, and act on suggestions for the betterment of ACBL, particularly in the areas of active ethics, conduct, tournament conditions, bridge for Juniors, and bridge for the handicapped.

Annually, the Goodwill Committee Chairs recommend to the ACBL Board of Directors their choice for the "ACBL Goodwill Member of the Year" award from among nominations received from ACBL unit organizations.

The ACBL Goodwill Committee sponsors the ACBL's Active Ethics program, which educates ACBL members to the highest standards of conduct and propriety.


All members of the ACBL Goodwill Committee receive, and are thereafter entitled to wear, the official Goodwill Committee pin. Replacement pins are available to members at ACBL's cost. 


ACBL awards the title "ACBL Goodwill Member of the Year" to an ACBL member who has exhibited unselfish dedication to the causes of good conduct, worthy participation, and ethical behavior.

ACBL inscribes the honoree's name on a permanent plaque, which it keeps at its headquarters. ACBL sends a replica of the plaque to the honoree. ACBL also sends a "Proclamation of Goodwill" to each person nominated for the honor.


The ACBL Goodwill Committee slogan is "It is nice to be important but more important to be nice."


The ACBL Goodwill Committee takes an active part in making bridge available to the hearing impaired.

A Goodwill Day is held at each NABC. Each player playing that day is given a small gift as a reminder to practice goodwill.

The ACBL Goodwill Committee, together with the ACBL Education Department, hosts the Junior Day reception between sessions usually on the first Saturday of each NABC.

The ACBL Goodwill Committee chairmen host a between sessions reception for all members of the Committee on Goodwill Day at each NABC.

The Goodwill Committee issues proclamations of goodwill at each NABC.


Past Appointees to the 

ACBL District 1 Goodwill Committee

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2013 Evelyn Kirsh, Roxboro QC
2012 Eva Deri, Nepean ON
Jean LaTraverse, Montreal QC
Luc Tremblay, Sainte-Julie QC
2011 Armand Carriere of Montreal, QC
Marilyn Bennett, St. John's, NF
2010 Roger Dunn, Longuell QC
Martial Chagnon, Laval QC
2009 Barbara Hastings, Point Claire, QC
Nicolas L'Écuyer, Montreal, QC
Roland Gallichand , Quebec QC
2008 Pierre Hamelin, Quebec City, QC
2007 Jacques Fradette, Gatineau, QC
Bill Halliday, Halifax, NS
2006 Barbara Corcoran, Saint Lambert, QC
Linda Holland, Lower Sackville, NS
2005 Ann Hartop, Ammon, NB
Louise Zicat, Gatineau, QC
2004 Jean Castonguay, Lery, QC
Barbara Siegrist, Gloucester, ON
Gilbert April, Sainte Foy, QC
2003 Jo Ann Lynds, Truro, NS
Francine Viens, Laval, QC
2002 Monique Laurin, Brassard, QC
Desmond Shaw, Nepean, ON
2001 Barbara McLellan. Ottawa, ON
Francois Cartolano, Sainte-Fey, QC
2000 Leo Weniger, Halifax, NS
Robert Losier, Bathurst, NB
Donald Kersey, Kingston, ON
1999 Kevin Gregoire, St. Lambert, QC
Doreen Primeau, Montreal, QC
1998 Tibor Bertalan, Montreal, QC
Marie-Paul Masse, Quebec, QC
1997 Mrs. Kathie J. MacNab, Halifax, NB
Mrs. Shirley Matchett, Newcastle, NB
1996 Ian Gibson, Gloucester, ON
Robert Latulippe, Quebec, QC
Joseph Silver, Hampstead, QC
1995 John McAdam, Ottawa, ON
Bram Schwartz, Sydney, NS
James MacDougall, Cote St Luc, QC
1994 Ian D. Crowe, Dartmouth, NS
Herve Chatagnier, St. Augustine, QC
Pauline Lemonde, Ste Foy, QC
Boguslaw Lagowski, Ottawa, ON
1993 Mike Hartop, Moncton, NB
Mrs. Terrol Brittain, Roxboro, QC
1992 Mr. Robert J. Scruton, Laval, QC
Gilles Boivin, Chomedy Laval, QC
1991 Sandra Fraser, Town of MT Royal, QC
Mr. Mel Jackson, Orleans, ON
Anna Boivin, Chornedy Laval, QC
Janine Rivard, Quebec, QC
1990 Sharyn Reus, Roxboro, QC
Dr. Douglas Heron, Ottawa, ON
1989 Robert Thibault, St. Jerome, QC
Heather Peckett, Nepean, ON
1988 Mrs. Ross Paterson, Lachine, QC
Norm O'Brien. Moncton, NB
Brian Fraser. St. Laurent, QC
Robert Hart. St. Laurent, QC
1987 Marie-Jose Monty, Westmount, QC
John Joseph Currie, Halifax, NS
1986 Mrs. Louis Lebner, Montreal, QC
Jean-Yves Gauthier, Charlesbourg, QC
1985 Rollande Makarewicz, Jonquiere, QC
Zygmunt Marcinski, Dorval, QC
Howard Cunningham, Cornwall, ON
1984 Michael J. Kenny, Cote St. Luc, QC
Mrs. A.M. Griffiths, Fredericton, NB
Michel Dupuis, Montreal, QC
1983 Mrs. Ralph Stephens, Dorval, QC
George Donat, Cote St. Luc, QC
Moise M. Deschamps, Ottawa, ON
1982 Stan Tench, Ottawa, ON
Therese Gauthier, Charlesbourg, QC
1981 Eric Kokish, Montreal, QC
Carolyn MacDonald, Truro, NS
1980 Jean LaTraverse, Dollard-Des-Ormeaux, QC
Mary Edney, Kingston, ON
1979 Anna Kinsella, Saint John, NB
George Retek, Montreal, QC
1978 Bruce J. Wahi, Arvida, QC
Mrs. I. Rishikof, St. Laurent, QC
1977 Jean Flint, Ottawa, ON
Stuart Oulton, Fredericton, NB
1976 Mine. Pierre Boucher, Quebec, QC
Noel Duchesne, Giffard, QC
1975 Silvia Chernin, Stephenville, NF
Robert E. McMillan, Pembroke, ON
1974 Mrs. Solange Bouchard, Kenogami, QC
Roger Lessard, Outremont, QC
1973 Mrs. Eric Littaur, Montreal, QC
Sam Maltin, Montreal, QC
1972 Norah Duck, Montreal, QC
Dr. Harry F. Hinckley, Gardiner, ME
1971 Mrs. John Mentuck, Swarnpscott, MA
Oscar Doucett, Moncton, NB
1970 Moselle Berger, Montreal, QC
Dr. Sidney Cohen, Hartford, CT
1969 Ellen Jacobsen, Northboro, MA
Paul Maheu, Quebec City, QC
1968 Ida Kastner, Montreal, QC
William H. Keohane, Wellesley Hills, MA
1967 Lloyd Smith, Swampscott, MA
Jean Julien Perrault, Montreal, QC
1966 Mary Hartley, Springfield, MA
Msgr. W.J. Leach, Wollaston, MA
1965 Mrs. Ralph A. Walcott, Providence, RI
Bernie Cleveland, Halifax, NS
1964 Effie Long, Westport, CT
Maurice Gauthier, St. Laurent, QC
1963 Eva Leahy, Springfield, MA
Bryan Rapson, Arvida, QC
1962 Jackie Begin, Montreal, QC
Chester P. Davis. Arlington, MA
1961 Mrs. Edward Reiter, Burlington, VT
Ralph Cohen, Montreal, QC
1960 Helen Hague, Montreal, QC
Robert S. Fox, Providence, RI
1959 Mrs. John S. Collins, W. Springfield, MA
Bernard Saunders, Ottawa, ON
1958 Mrs. Thomas G. Vail, West Hartford, CT
THC Raikes, Montreal, QC
1957 Mrs. William Keohane, Weliesley Hls, MA
Sam Gold. Montreal, QC
1955 Mrs. William Keohane, Wellesley His, MA


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