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Bridge Played in Vegas, Doesn’t Stay in Vegas

The Summer NABC was held at the Westgate Hotel in Las Vegas. While there were some temperature and organization problems and there weren’t many restaurants in walking distance, the tournament was well run, with excellent hospitality and entertainment. Attendance was just under 16,616 tables which was under the estimate of 18,000 and last times total of 19,000. Numbers should increase in the beautiful Cosmopolitan Hotel which will be the site for the next 2 Las Vegas NABCs and which is on The Strip. I visited it and it is terrific!

One can’t miss event at future NABCs is the opening party on Friday night. Nice food and and Elvis made a visit.


At the end of this report, I have included a bridge article by Michael Yuen, an excellent player, and good friend who writes a bridge blog. Thank you, Mike.

 I am looking for other contributors. All I ask is that it be at most 1 page long and that it be done in Word. Next one would be needed for my report after the Providence NABC which is in Nov/Dec.

I am also listing major results by District 1 players at the NABC. The list is at the end of this report.

Highlights of the Dallas Board of Directors Meeting

Membership was slightly up for the first 6 month of the year, and stands at 167,895                                 

Regional attendance was up 1%, but average table count was down 9%.

Sectional attendance was down 6% and average table count was down 7%.

STACs table count was up 6% and average table count was also up 1%. 

Finance: To date, the decrease in Net Assets from Operations is $168,076, $12,000 better than budget.

IT: Website home page has been redesigned, and launched

Table count: Through June, face to face table count is down 3.68%. Overall table count is 1,546,944 of which 470,327 are from on-line games. Total tables are down 2.13% compared to 1st half of 2013, but May and June tables from one on-line club are not included.

Master point Confirmation postcards: were discontinued as of June 1.

ACBL Score+: has been discontinued. It was decided to enhance the features and benfits of Score and extend its life and functionality. Total cost to ACBL is over $1.5 Million, and Administration is trying to determine what parts of score+ can be repurposed into enhanced score. This is a major loss for ACBL.

Longest Day: 176 clubs participating and raising $531,300 was raised as of Aug 1.

Strategic Planning:

On line learn to play bridge is still being tested

 On line partnership desk for NABCs and Regionals is being developed and it will be usable by members the day of events with text sent to cellphones.

Pension Plan: has been terminated as planned.

Tournament Director Structure: is continuing under leadership of Sylvia Hardin, HR Director. A new TD training program has been developed and it will be tested this year.

ACBL Resource Centre: will soon be a new place to get printed materials for Education, clubs, Units and Districts.


Motions approved:

-The proposed play schedule (for NABC events) for the three annual NABCs will be implemented in 2015 on a trial basis, subject to Board approval of any new events.

- During NABC stages of GNT, screens will be used in Flight be at same point as the higher flights

- After a 2nd reading there will be a number of changes to Masteerpoint structure. The effects will be to increase some overall NABC+ event awards, Regional Pairs will pay more overall and to more places. # Session Kos will pay more., classification of some special games will change, some going up and some down(eg STACs wil pay less and Sectionals will pay more.

-Fall NABC NA Swiss will go to 3 days from 2 days, to start on the 2nd Friday.

-International Fund Game #1 will be played on Superbowl Saturday

-NABC+ Mixed Swiss will be on the 2nd Saturday and Sunday of the fall NBC

- January will be Junior Fund month, April will be Charity Fund Month, May will be Grass Root Fund Month and  

  September will be International Fund Month

-Each District will be allowed 4 pairs in Flights B and C of the NAP



District News

District Meeting: Delegates are invited to the District 1 Annual Meeting which will be held after the afternoon session at the CanAm in Montreal on Saturday, August 16th.

Play Nice: This program to promote Zero Tolerance has been well received by clubs. Additional posters are available for clubs from ACBL. Thanks to the Montreal Unit for getting it translated into French.  ACBL Headquarters has printed the French posters, all francophone clubs in the District should have received them recently..

Golden (and Platinum) Performances in Las Vegas:

The following is a listing of excellent achievements by District 1 players. I am listing the top 25 placings in NABC events (2+ days) and 1st or 2nd in Regional (2 session+ events). As I am doing this manually, I apologize in advance if I missed someone. If you e-mail me, I will correct this in my next report).

1)      Jurek Czyzowicz: 20th LM Pairs, 16th Truscott Senor Swiss, 2nd Wed Compact KO 1

2)      Boris Baran: 22nd Truscott Senior Swiss, 10th NABC Fast Pairs

3)      Chantal Dube and Frederick Pollack: 9th 10K Pairs, 14th 10K Mixed Swiss

4)      Marc  Andre Fourcaudot and Pascale Gaudreault: 4th 10K Mixed Swiss, 1st Ed Fund KO3, 2nd Thurs-Sat KO

5)      Drew Cannell: 4th 10K Mixed swiss, 2nd Wed Daylight Open Swiss

6)      Hirsch Schnayer and Michael Ephraim; 11th NABC Fast Pairs

7)      Yves Decelles, Denise Leclerq, Sylvie Levesque, Luc Gagnon: 1st Sun 0-3000 RR Teams 3, 6th Mini-Spingold II, 1st Tues 0-3000 RR Teams 3, 2nd Sun 0-3000 RR Teams 4

8)      Victor Lamoureux and Lynn Switzer: 12th Young 0-1500 Pairs, 1st Ed. Fund KO3

9)      Pamela Nisbet, Tim Edward Davies, Sondra Blank, 2nd Thurs-Sat am KO

10)    Paul Hardy and Elizabeth Scott: 9/16 Mini-Spingold 1, 2nd 2nd Fri 0-3000 RR Bracket 1

11)   Marius Moldovan: 14th 10K Mixed Swiss

12)   Jacques Simard, Sylvie Labelle, Marice Avrith : 1st Sun-Mon KO4, 2nd Thurs-Sat am KO, 1st Tues-Wed KO9

13)   Chantal Dube and Josette Levesque: 1st Sat Open Pairs flight B

14)   Norma Fajardo-Solache, Ima Lopez-Solache: 1st Tues-Wed KO8

15)   Robert Guerard, J.F Guillemette: 12th Young 0-1500 Pairs



The following article is an article from Michael Yuen’s blog called “Mike Talks about Bridge” (you can get to it from the CBF website). Mike is a good friend and I’ve been luck to play on his team in past CNTCs and CSTCs. He  also has been NPC of Canadian teams including last year’s senior Team that represented Canada in Bali. Thanks to mike for letting me use this

Simply Brilliant!

August 12th, 2013  ~  Mike Yuen  ~  3 Comments 

In Atlanta GA USA. The Spingold final Team Bridge24 (Jacek Kalita, Michal Nowosadzki, Rafal Jagniewski, Wojciech Gawel) tied Team Grue (Joe, Leslie Amoils, Brad Moss, Thomas Bessis, Peter Bertheau and Jacob Morgan) 112 IMPs at the end of regulation (64 Boards) .

The 8 board playoff decided the event in favor of Bridge24.  134 to 113 IMPs.

This deal declared by Kalita contributed to his teams’ victory.


Segment 1 of 4.

Board 15. Dealer South. North-South vulnerable.

The lead was the nine of clubs, queen, two, three. First he looked for tricks from the heart suit with the ten of hearts from dummy, covered by the king, ace and two. Belived that the king was a true card. He next went after the spade suit with the four of spades, nine, jack and three.

He gave the nine of spades a look. Backing his judgement of the singleton nine, took the spades finesse to the eight when Grue followed with the five. Next he run three spades winners, Moss discarded all low diamonds.

At trick 8, cashed the ace of clubs, Moss discarded another diamond.

This was the five card ending.

Trick 9. Reading the position perfectly, Kalita exited with the four of hearts to end-play Moss into giving up the game going trick with either a diamond or a heart.

Made nine tricks for +400.

At the other table. South opened with one diamond, soon was in three diamonds. Made 9 tricks for +110.

+400 and +110 was worth 11 IMPs to Team Bridge24.

Congratulations to both teams for a well played match.