Sweet Georgia Bridge in not so Hotlanta


The Atlanta NABC was a great tournament, with beautiful host hotel, lots of playing space, with all events within 2 floors of each other, excellent hospitality and a large food court attached to the hotel. Things were on a peach theme with plenty of the sweetest, juiciest peaches you’ve ever had and the Peach Pit with almost endless entertainment from early afternoon to evening.

The weather was great with the temperature never hitting 90F and reasonable humidity.


The table count was around 12,300 which was larger than Philadelphia last year, but smaller than the last Atlanta NABC. Possible reasons for lower attendance were the 10+3 prime time schedule and the August dates affected teachers and people with children, since many schools in the South and Atlanta start  early  in August.


I plan to write a report after each ACBL Board Meeting (which are before every NABC). I will report on decisions made at the Board Meetings and also interesting motions passed at the Board of Governors Meeting (advisory to the Board of Directors) which follows the Directors’ Meeting. I will also include District news. I will also try to highlight excellent results of District 1 players.


George Retek has created a tradition of including an interesting hand or book review with his reports. I want to continue this, but unfortunately, I am not much of a bridge writer. I would welcome a short article from members that I can include at the end of my report.  George has kindly written an article at the end of this report. I will write an article for the Fall report, but I am looking for something for the Spring. If interested, please e-mail me at the address above






1)      YTD Net Income from Operations is $302,000 which is $172 better than last year.

2)       Net income is $491,000 better than budget.


 Management Report:


1)      Work continues on the following Strategic Priorities:

ACBLScore+, TourneyTrax, new online learn to play bridge; Tournament Director training, recruitment and development; and online partnership desk.


2)      The Longest Day (June 21): ACBL partnered with The Alzheimer’s Association to raise funds for Alzheimer’s research. 4476 tables participated and as of July 19th, $523,228 was raised, an amount which includes a $50,000 grant from the ACBL Charity Foundation. This generated lots of publicity including 36 printed articles and coverage on 20 news stations.


3)      A Youth Protection and Abuse prevention Policy is being developed and the ACBL Policy on Alcohol and Drug Screening for employees is being updated.


4)      The Amnesty Campaign reinstated 1,325 members by June 30th.




1)      President Don Mamula resigned effective August 12th for personal reasons. Bill Cook was elected to complete the 1 year term. Bill was also elected to replace the late Joan Gerard’s term as an ACBL WBF representative. I wish Bill well and am sure he will do a great job as our Board’s leader and as ACBL ambassador.


2)      Kelley McGuire, ACBL Executive Secretary was elected Director of elections, replacing Jim Miller, who is retiring after many years of excellent service. Mr. Miller will continue as a consultant.


3)      A bylaw amendment to limit District Directors to 4 full terms was defeated. I voted for the amendment.


4)      Each District may choose to host the NAP District Final using an ACBL approved online hosting site according to specific conditions of contest also approved by this motion. This is effective immediately.

              Although no motion was brought forward this will also apply to GNT, if approved in



5)      ACBL adopted the 20 Point Victory Point Scale(called the NABC+ Victory Point Scales) now used by WBF and CBF for NABC+ Swiss Team events and NABC+ events  that have a Swiss component. Effective January 1, 2014.


6)      The next Grass Roots Fund Month will be in Jan 2014. Mony raised will be used to assist the Grass Roots events:  Grand National Teams and/or North American Pairs.


7)      All seeded entries for an NABC+ event must be purchased not later than 15 minutes prior to the stated starting time. Number 1+2 seeds who don’t  will not be allowed to play unless needed to balance seeding in a section.


8)      New NABC 0-10,000 Events (10K events)

a)      Effective in Las Vegas: 10K Mixed Swiss. Last 2 days of Summer NABC

b)      Effective in Las Vegas: 10K Pairs. 1st  Saturday-Sunday of Summer NABC

c)      Effective Jan 1, 10K Swiss on 2nd Sat-Sun of Fall NABC

d)      Effective Jan 1: 10K Vanderbilt starting Monday of Spring NABC. This will be run like the regular Vanderbilt.

These are in addition to the 10K Swiss on the 1st Fri-Sat in the Spring (1st one was held in St. Louis)


9)      After 2013 Wagar Women’s KO and Machlan Women’s Swiss will no longer give qualifications towards Grand Life Master.


10)  Master Point limit for NAP B changes to 0-2500 (from 0-2000) effective June 2014


11)  Master Point limits for GNT are changed to:

Flight C: NLM-500; Flight B: 0-2500; Flight A-0-6000; Championship 0-unlimited


CNTC flight B was increased to 0-2500.



1)      Unit 151 had a very successful Teacher’s Accreditation Program (TAP) in French. Another one will be held in Montreal in September, and will be lead by Star Teacher Kamel Fergami. For more information please go to the Montreal Bridge League website . Congratulations to Unit 151 for taking this initiative, which will hopefully will result in many new members. 

2)      In the election for Alternate Directors Jean La Traverse and Nick  L’Ecuyer were elected First and Second Alternate Directors by acclamation. I look forward to working with them.

3)      Congratulations to the following District 1 members who will be representing Canada in Bali. Bermuda Bowl: Jeff Smith; Venice Cup: Sylvia Caley, Sondra Blank and Francine Cimon (NPC); Senior Cup: Boris Baran and Jurek Czyzowicz. The Bermuda Bowl and Venice Cup teams won a playoff with Mexico, in addition to their respective Canadian Championships.

4)      Did you know that District 1 has a website, which although not always up to date, has a lot of interesting information and links. Please go to www.district1acbl.org

Please see next page for George Retek’s bridge article.

Best wishes,