District Director's Reports


Almost of the magic close to Disneyland


But not quite. The Board of Directors of the tournament held an animated meeting just before the North American fall Championships 2010 (NABC). The NABC was chaired by the ever present Jayne Thomas in his sixth and last President of the event. Thanks to Jayne for his excellent work and for the constant attention that it provides to all.


I finance


1 Approval of the 2011 budget with a surplus of $ 140,000


2. Director of tournament fees are increased by 4% from 1 April 2011 to cover salary increases.

New session rates:

Associate National Tournament Director and Director of National tournaments: $ 174.10

Tournament Director: $159.10

Associate Tournament Director: $ 129.80

Local Tournament Director: $103.90


3. As of January 1, 2011, refunds of expenditures of the five delegates from the tournament to the World Federation of the Bridge (FMB) will be assumed by the FMB. In Exchange, the tournament annually will assume the expenses of stay of a meeting of 3-5 days of the Management Committee of the FMB to be held at the same time that one of our NABC. This should result in an economy for the tournament.


4. Professors of the bridge of schools receiving grants from another source will be also allowed to receive a scholarship of the tournament (up to $ 350) provided that the total compensation does not exceed $ 500.


5. I was the only member of the Council to oppose the renewal of our auditors.


6. The Board authorized the Executive to review the per diem paid to the directors of the Canada tournaments. The purpose was to establish the Canadian dollars rate similar to the rate paid by the Government of Canada, which is currently about 10% higher than what tournaments are currently.

To facilitate the transition, Jay Baum has introduce the new rates over a period of three years.

2011 90% of the per diem Canadian which is currently $ 67.90

2012 95 %

2013 100 %


II CLUBS and tournaments


The points below have been approved:

1. Places of the next NABC

New Orleans: 12-22 March, 2015

Chicago: 6-16 August, 2015 (need to change the date of the Can - Am 2015 )

Washington: 21-31 July, 2016

San Francisco: 22 November - 2 December, 2018

$ 160-170 Hotel rates seem to be acceptable for these cities.


2. Overall classification will be allowed for Invitation clubs participating in all-tournament parts to an Overall classification for Open parties.


3. Rules sanctioning the slow game will be made more stringent. Those interested can contact me for more information.


4. As of 2010, only the tournament can sponsor the very profitable Regional at Sea - RAS, however not exceeding three per year.

No RAS cannot be carried out at the same time that any tournament regional on land within 200 miles or in the same district that the port of embarkation of the cruise without a written permission of the Director of the district concerned.


5. (Sectionals at Sea) SAS sanction fees are set at $ 10 by table.


6. The discussion of the proposal to eliminate the use of the STOP cards, which in fact help more those who use them as their opponents, has been postponed.


III Election results


President of the 2011 tournament: Craig Robinson

Volunteer member of the year: Carl Sharp

Honorary Member of the year: Larry Cohen

Treasurer of the tournament: Bill Cook

President of the Volunteer Committee: Rose Meltzer ( in pursuit of the non-completed mandate of the late Aileen Osofsky)

District 1 - alternate Director: Nick L'ecuyer

Alternate second Director: Leo Weniger




I am pleased to have met many players of the No. 1 of the Orlando NABC district. It was particularly nice to celebrate the victory of Montreal Alouettes to the Grey Cup with them.




George Retek