District Director's Reports

George Retek

District 1 Director

Summer 2010 Report

Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans



I am very sad to report the passing away of Aileen Osofsky, the much beloved chairperson of the ACBL Goodwill Committee, who has uniquely exemplified goodwill for all of us. We have renamed the Committee in her honour, as the Aileen Osofsky ACBL Goodwill Committee.


The ACBL Board of Directors made numerous decisions mainly concerning clubs and Tournaments. I found the new rules concerning video taping quite surprising. From now on the requirement was eliminated that provided for supervision and approval by our CEO on determining which players will be videotaped in conjunction with an investigation. Our CEO preferred not to be involved in this decision "since he plays and knows many of the participants and this could put him in an awkward position."


The good news is that we have 5,000 more members than a year ago. On the other hand - according to the 2010 membership survey - we have more players over 75 years old, than those who are less than 60.


The title of the report recalls one of my favourite songs by Louis Armstrong. The local organizers headed by John Federico put on a memorable tournament in New Orleans, aided by District Director Bill Cook.







1. Our Accounting department still finds it difficult to produce timely interim reports. Our profit for the first four months is $50.000 under budget, even that the Travel expense is $123.000 less (unexplained) than budgeted.


2. Management has recommended (without any consultation with Canadian Board members) to change the uniform per-diem paid to Tournament Directors in Canada to diversified geographical rates, just like in USA. Due to the complexity of this issue, it has been deferred to the fall.




1. Effective 2011 there will be a one session sectionally rated CBF simultaneous pairs event. In addition to the overall Canada. Wide awards, there will be overall awards in each of the six Canadian Zones. Claire Jones was instrumental in convincing his fellow Board Members of the merit of this event.


2. Claiming emergency, Management avoided the Boards direct involvement in awarding the new NABC contracts. They asked the Executive Committee to make the decision for the new Orlando contracts. In a split 3:2 decision the contract was awarded to the Swan & Dolphin Hotel (November 24-December 4 2016) at a rate of $119 and again November 24-December 4, 2022 at a rate of $169 (a tiny 40% increase over 6 years!) What an amazing "deal".


3. ACBL Management announced open season for clubs wishing to disobey our regulations. Management declared that they cannot enforce our rules, therefore it is useless to prescribe sanctions against offending clubs. This refers to clubs that hold upgraded Fund Games within 25 miles (40 kilometers) of Sanctioned Sectional & Regional Tournaments. Forgive my ignorance for believing that we should protect our Sanctioned Tournaments.


4. Modified some tournament allocation rules:


a). Sanction for Sectional must be submitted at least one year in advance, and Regional three years in advance. Non-compliance may result in loss of dates, if a district has a traditional Regional Annual date, but the site/area does not remain constant it is no longer a traditional date.


b). Sectionals at sea are allocated only by the ACBL effective immediately.


c). Process for Sectional applications


1). Unit submits an online application to ACBL HQ


2). Headquarter automatically forwards (without review) application to District Tournament Coordinator for approval.


3). Upon receiving this approval the ACBL Tournament Department will review the application for sanctioning.


d). Each District is allowed at least four (4) Regionals annually, of which one may be split. Additional Regional may be awarded:


1. One for each 3000 members over 9000

2. One, when near or the same site reaches 3000 tables


5. The motion that only the ACBL may sponsor or conduct a regional at sea-was deferred. There is a moratorium on review of future sanction request effective immediately.


6. Effective when the Alert chart will be updated (just not now):


a) Eliminate the requirement to pre-alert short (5 card weak 2's and 6 card 3 level major suits) pre-empts and/or undisciplined (less than Q high) pre-empts. Replace the pre-alert, with alert upon occurrence.


b) 6 card 3 -level minor suit pre-empts are not alertable.


7. Effective as soon as it can be implemented: a member of each side must be present and seated before cards are removed from a board.


8. The minimum numbers of board is set at 20 in order to be eligible for overall award in a STAC


9. ACBL Mid Chart is applicable effective immediately


a). Mini spingold Flight I (0-5000 master points).


b). Blue Ribbon Pairs (0-5000 master points).


10. The Flight II Mini Spingold (0-1500) may last more than 5 days.


11. The Flight B & C NAP final will qualify approval 50% of the field for the final effective January 1, 2011.


12. Reduce master point awards for GNT District Finals:


Number of Teams Number of

in the Final % of MaxAward Overall Places

1 0 0

2 50% 1

3-4 67% 1

5 100% if at least Per KO event

3 sessions of the same size

67% if 2 sessions


13. Established the Senior Mixed Pair Championship at the Fall NABC starting 2011


14. Amendments to the Code of Disciplinary Regulations will be effective when determined by the committee.


a). Procedures will be expedited


b). Persons charged are entitled to receive written notice of date, time and place of hearing


c). Disciplinary body must send a full typed report of the hearing and decision to the disciplined party and the ACBL Headquarters within 30 days.


15. Recommended that Two Session Swiss Team event involving less than ten (10) teams be conducted as a round robin.


16. Approved 10:30am and 3:30pm starting times for 2012 Summer NABC in Philadelphia


17. President will appoint a Master point Structure Committee.




1. Congratulations to Nick l'Ecuyer and Leo Weniger who have been reelected by acclamation, as first and second alternates respectably to the ACBL Board of Directors.


2. The Board of Governors have also re-elected for a three year term Mike Kovacich (Chairman) and Ellen Kent (Vice-Chairman).


3. Any member who has been suspended for six months or more for ethical violations will no longer be an elector for the Hall of Fame.


4. District President Peter Clark has called a District meeting.

It will be held on Saturday 14th August after the afternoon session during the Can-Am Regional at the Biftheque Steakhouse.

Some important Regional scheduling will be discussed. It is in the interest for all Units to ensure that their delegates will attend.


Looking forward to see all of you at the Can-Am