Almost Magic Near Disneyland


But not quite.  The ACBL Board of Directors had a rather quiet meeting in Orlando, prior to the 2010 Fall NABC. , that was chaired by the ever present Jayne Thomas.  This was her 6th and final chairmanship of NABCs.  Thank you Jayne for your excellent and caring work!


Major Topics:




1.  Approved the 2011 budget, anticipating excess revenue of $ 140,000.


2.  Tournament director session fees will be increased by 4% April 1, 2011 mainly to cover the salary increases provided:

New session rates:

National and Associate National T/D      $174.10

Tournament Director                            159.10

Associate Tournament Director              129.80

Local Tournament Director                    103.70


3.  Effective January 1, 2011 the expense reimbursement of the five ACBL delegates to the WBF will be assumed by the WBF.  In exchange the ACBL will cover the lodging expenses annually for a 3-5 day WBF Management Committee meeting to be held in conjunction with one of our NABC events.  This is expected to result in some cost saving to the ACBL.


4.  School Bridge teachers receiving stipend from another source, will be entitled to receive a stipend from the ACBL (max $350.00) as long as the total compensation received does not exceed $500.00.


5.  I was the only member who opposed the reappointment of our auditors.


6.  The Board authorized management to restructure the per-diem being paid to T/Ds working in Canada.  The goal was to establish the rate in Canadian dollar that resembles the Government of Canada rate, that is presently approximately 10% higher than what Canadian T/Ds currently receive.


To ease the transition process Jay Baum intends to introduce the new rates over a three year transition period.


              2011 – 90% of the Canadian rate (that is presently $67.90)

              2012 – 95%

              2013 – 100%




The following has been approved:


1.  New NABC sights announced:


              New Orleans     March 12-22, 2015

              Chicago           August 6-16, 2015 ( will necessitate change of Can-Am dates )

              Washington      July 21-31, 2016

              San Francisco   November 22 – December 2, 2018


              The hotel rates of US $ 160-170 deemed to be acceptable for these cities.


2.  Approved that overall awards shall be established for invitational clubs as well, who participate in ACBL-wide games that have overall awards for open games.


3.  Make the slow play regulations and their enforcement stricter.   Interested parties may contact me for details.


4.  Starting 2012 only ACBL may sponsor the highly profitable Regionals at Sea (RAS) not exceeding three per year.


No RAS can be conducted concurrently with any portion of a land-based Regional Tournament held either within 200 miles of or within the same District as such RAS port embarkation or debarkation unless written consent of the District Director(s) from the effected Districts is obtained.


5.  Issued regulations effective immediately for Sectionals at Sea.  The sanction fee will be $10.00/table.


6.  The proposal to eliminate the use of “stop” cards, which actually “help” more the people who used them (rather than their opponents), have been deferred.




2011 ACBL President -                Craig Robinson

Volunteer Member of the Year -   Carl Sharp

Honorary Member of the Year -   Larry Cohen

ACBL Treasurer -                       Bill Cook

Goodwill Committee Chair -         Rose Meltzer (  to serve the un-expired term of the recently deceased Aileen Osofsky )

District 1 -   First alternate Director: Nick L’Ecuyer

                 Second alternate Director: Leo Weniger




It was great to see many, many players from District One at the Orlando NABC.  It was especially sweet to celebrate together in Florida the Montreal victory in the Grey Cup.




George Retek