District Director's Reports

George Retek

District 1 Director



The board of Directors meeting held in Washington (July 2009) provided very few changes. Highlights to follow :


1.        Our good neighbour, Rich Di Martino was elected President for the 2010 year.


2.        Our membership keeps increasing and attendance at the Washington NABC exceed expectations.


3.        Chances are that our revenue this year will exceed expenses, even that we originally budgeted for a small loss.


4.        It is official : the next World Bridge Series Championships will be held in Philadelphia between October 1-17, 2010.


5.        ACBL Headquarters will be relocated in a new building in Horn Lake, Mississippi (close to Memphis) during 2010. Estimated price tag is $4.25 million dollars.


6.        St. Louis will host the 2013 Spring NABC.


7.        There were minor amendments made  to the Recorder Regulations and the Code of Disciplinary Regulations.


8.        Competitive bidding policy will apply to purchases (including services) in excess of $50,000 only from now on.  Exception may be made by unanimous concurrence of our CEO, President and Treasurer for items not exceeding $100,000.


9.        ACBL will establish a new masterpoint race, masterpoints won in internet games.


10.     Fine tuned regulations allowing average masterpoint holdings at sponsor’s option to be used in pair and team events at unit games, tournaments, but not in qualifying events. This can also be used  for stratification within each flight after the flight had been determined in stratiflighted and limited events.


11.     There will be a Committee established  to  review  the process  for approval of permanent  regionals and allocation of regionals. In the meantime District 22 was granted an additional regional for 2010 to meet their pressing need.


12.     Clarified our policy of not allowing new entries to team games once the initial session has begun, unless the cause was beyond the control of the team.


13.     A highly successful seminar was conducted for Tournament Managers by West-Coast guru, Ken Monzingo. Our District had a league leading four attendees, who benefited from this program.


14.     The ACBL D&O insurance policy is presently under review by a Committee.





1.    On behalf of our District, I thank Leo Weniger, for all his hard work and contribution, who has served with distinction as our District President for close to two decades.


2.    We welcome Peter Clark of Ottawa as our new District President.


3.    With deep gratitude, I thank all members of our District and our Unit Boards who entrusted me to represent you for my eleventh term at the ACBL Board of Directors. As usual, I will try to prove that your trust is not misplaced.


Looking forward to meeting all of you at the Can-Am between August 10-16, 2009!