Under the expert Co-chairmanship of Ken Monzingo & Bonnie Bagley a great NABC was organized in San Diego that even included the production of a bridge musical called: My Fair (Little Old) Lady. Highlights of the 2009 Fall Board meetings follow:




1. From now on next year’s budget (that used to be completed in the Fall) will be finalized only after February 15 of the following year and be ratified at the spring meeting. The “preliminary budget” approved this time anticipates a deficit of $ 65,000 for 2010. Several factors contributed to this figure:


a)   Increase in membership dues, short game (less than 18 boards) table fees by 6 cents and fee charges for tournament directors.

b)   Expected good attendance from three NABC (Rena, New Orleans & Orlando).

c)   Reduced cost for bulletin printing.

d)   In my opinion, overly generous 4% pay increase and higher benefit charges.

e)   Increased cost for new headquarters (presumed moving date is March)

f)    Reduced interest income due to lower rates and reduced capital available after purchase of new building. What is inexplicably missing is a possible positive adjustment for pension cost.


2. Increases effective April 1,2010.


                                                                                                Present Rate      Future Rate

Membership dues$                                                                    35.00$               37.00

LM Service                                                                                  32.00                 34.00

Household membership                                                           64.00                 68.00

Junior membership                                                                   14.00                 15.00

New member membership (from Jan 1 2011 only)              26.00                 28.00


T/D Session Fees                                                                      -                          -

National T/D                                                                                155.00               167.40

Associate T/D                                                                             155.00               167.40

TD                                                                                                 145.00               153.80

ATD                                                                                              115.00               124.20

Local                                                                                              92.35                   99.70


3.   The Insurance Committee (under my chairmanship has pointed out several serious shortcomings in the Directors and Officers insurance coverage recently obtained by management. Management was ordered either to obtain satisfactory corrections and assurances of proper coverage, or hire and independent insurance expert to evaluate the effectiveness of this policy. Full copy of my Insurance Report is available upon request.




1. NABC sight selection


I am truly sorry to say that we must have been dreaming to believe that management will seriously consider Montreal for NABC. Several new sights have been approved in San Diego.


2014 - Spring Dallas US $129 Hotel rate Sheraton

2014 - Fall Providence RI US $109-$133 4 Hotels

2015 - Spring Southern California

2015 - Fall Denver US $127 Sheraton

2016 - Spring New Orleans Mariott or Hilton

2016 - Fall Orlando Under US $140


The selection of Providence. Rhode Island is most revealing, when compared to the offer by Montreal, where the Convention Centre was offered free, and the three hotels surrounding it (Delta, Holiday Inn., Hyatt) offered rates of Cdn $ 139-148 =appr US $130-139. Previously we were told that Montreal cannot be considered because of the number of hotels (3-4) needed. Suddenly no such a concern existed for Providence, a town without sizeable bridge population, that is located 60 miles from the Boston airport. Readers can draw their own conclusion.


2.   Minimum number of boards required for a Newcomer Game (limited to players of 20mp, or even a lower maximum established by the club) is reduced to six (6), and must consist of at least 2 ½ tables ( 2 tables for team or individual games)


3.   The Mini Blue Ribbon game (limited to 5000mp) will be a six-session event starting in the Fall of 2010.


4.   The Electronic Device Policy at NABCs has been refined.


5.   Current members eligibility to participate in ACBL events is determined by his/her mp holding at the monthly cycle printed on the 6 of each month, prior to the start of the event, or tournament.


6.   The masterpoint awards have been slightly modified for KO events.


7.   A Committee will be appointed to study limiting the number of special games at clubs.




1.   Elections :


a)    Together with Al Levy, I have been re-elected for another three year term to represent the ACBL at the WBF Executive Council, where I serve as Vice-President.


b)   The Eastern (our) zone elected Al Levy to the ACBL Executive Committee and Sharon Fairchild will serve as his alternate for the next three years.


2.   Modified some regulations concerning WBF representatives: they are expected to attend all WBF regular and their own committee meetings during the 7 days stay, for which they are reimbursed. Should a representative not be able to attend, (s) he will be replaced by the ACBL President, or a Board member designated by the President, as an alternate.


3.   Recommended discipline was changed for various offenses under the ACBL Disciplinary Sanction Guideline. Details are available upon request.


4.   Starting 2010 the President of the ACBL will be elected at the Fall meeting.


5.   Starting December 1, 2009 a member who is not in good standing ( as defined) - in addition to other limitations - will be removed from the Goodwill and Charity Committee and will not be entitled to.


a)   receive any ACBL subsidy

b)   participate and receive recognition in masterpoint races.


6.   I wish to thank three friends, who leave the ACBL Board of Directors for their many years of outstanding service:


Dick Anderson

Harriette Buckman

Bruce Reeves


7.   Heartfelt thank you to Mike Hartop who has represented Zone One on the CBF Board of Directors for his many years of dedicated service.




George Retek