District Director's Reports

George Retek

District 1 Director




Las Vegas hosted the 4th largest NABC this summer. One didn’t need to be a winner to have a great time.  Our friend, the highly respected, was elected to be President for 2009.  Major actions by the board to follow:




1.     New requirements to be Life Master become effective as of January 1, 2010. Inflation apparently has caught up with bridge as well, recognizing that it is much easier to accumulate masterpoints in our current environment.  These new rules will not apply to those players, who are already ACBL members as of December 31, 2009.  New rules will require 500 Masterpoints of which 100 must be red, gold or platinum, including at least 50 gold or platinum and 75 silver and 75 Black.


For new members joining the ACBL after January 1, 2010, a new rank “Advanced NABC Master” is created upon accumulating 300 mp of which 50 must be red or platinum (including at least 25 gold or platinum), 50 must be silver and 50 must be black.


2    Sometimes during the past year, I felt I was fighting windmills.  Due to my insistence the Behavior Code of the ACBL Board of directors was now amended unanimously to provide basic human rights to the accused (that has been denied until now). They should be informed of the exact charges against them, may be represented by another person and may present evidence prior to sentencing.  Furthermore, effective immediately, complaints will be received by the President, who may refer them to the Board Oversight Committee (BOC). The complainant may ask the chairman of the BOC for review, should the President decline to refer the case to the BOC.  Hopefully these amended regulations will put an end to the senseless witch-hunting that poisoned good working relationship


3.   A motion that would have allowed Tournament Directors (instead of knowledgeable expert players) to deal with appeals of NABC + events, have been narrowly defeated.  Some board members were concerned with the impartiality of professional players serving on the Appeal Committee.  Others were just as concerned about the perceived bias of some tournament directors and their ability to overrule the decision of their superiors


4.   The ACBL handbook dealing with Unit requirements privileges and responsibilities has been amended.  Interested parties may contact me for details.


5.   ACBL representatives to the World Federation of BRIDGE WBF must present a report prior to each ACBL Board meeting concerning known WBF actions, proposed motions, agenda items, financial matters and compensation received (if any).


6.   The Board advised all ACBL WBF representatives that it opposes any WBF bylaw changes that will reduce the decision making power of our zone.


7.   The Board decided to maintain our head office in the Memphis metropolitan area, should we receive municipal incentives to stay there.








1.     The revised 2008 Budget presented at this meeting predicted $ 1,000,000 income over expenses for the year ( the previous budget was a surplus of $ 500,000 )


2.    The Audit Committee under my chairmanship had created the ACBL Audit Charter, that was adopted unanimously. Special thanks are due to Beth Reid for her contribution.


3.    Eliminated the requirements that on any NABC entry fee increase, 25% of the increase will be given to the local organizers.  From 2009, local organizations will be given funds based upon their needs, as establish by the Administration of the ACBL.




1.     Approved the following NABC sites and dates:

2013Summer: Atlanta - August 1-11 (will create a problem for our Can-Am date)

2013 Fall:     Phoenix - November 28 to December 8

2014 Summer:         Las Vegas - July 17 – 27


2.     When dates are conflicting a scheduled STAC session may be held in lieu of an ACBL wide special event, effective September 1, 2008.




1.    We extend a special welcome to our good friend and many times World Champion, Dan Morse, who is the ACBL President and will visit us in Montreal with his wife Joan during the Can-AmM.


2.    Congratulations are due to our newest members of our Goodwill, Nick L’Ecuyer and Barbara Hastings.


3.    Congratulations are also due to Kathie Macnab of Halifax, who has earned her A.B.T.A. Master Teacher certificate in Las Vegas.


4.    I trust the entire District joins me a speedy recovery to Jean Castonguay, who, despite his medical problems, continues his duties as organizer of the Canadian Championships, Can-Am tournament and is the newest member of the ACBL Board of Governors from our District.


5.    Our District achieved some measure of success at the NABC in Las Vegas. The Final of Bracket One of the Education Foundation KO event was played between Karl Kick’s team and mine.


6.    Please remember our District meeting on Saturday during the Can-Am.  District President, Leo Weniger, will notify you the exact time and location.


Looking forward to seeing you soon at the Can-Am


George Retek