District Director's Reports


George Retek

District 1 Director

Spring 2008 - ACBL Director’s Report  


The Detroit bridge community under the expert guidance of Mr. And Mrs. W. Airlinghause has put forward an excellent organization for the benefit of our players. It is unfortunate that only a limited number of players choose to attend the Spring NABC, probably saving their vacation time for Las Vegas in July.





1.   In 2007, The ACBL’s income exceeded expenses by $1,700,000. Major reasons :

n   Tables in play exceeded 3,000,000;

n   Memphis headquarter building was sold;

n   Discontinued sales of books and supplies (receiving royalty income instead);

n   San Francisco NABC proved very popular and profitable;

n   Most of the year, we operated without a Chief Financial Officer and Marketing Director — “saving” some salaries.

2.   I was asked to Chair the Audit Committee in 2008 and we’ll put forward some recommended changes concerning controls in the organization.



1.   Corrected an inequity in the New Masterpoint Plan. Independent from the number of session scheduled (3 or 4), when a bracket has less than 16 teams, masterpoints are reduced from 100% by 4% for each team less up to 9, and from 60% by 7.5% for each team less between 7-5.

Overall masterpoints are awarded based on bracket team average masterpoint holdings.

First place masterpoint for 16 team bracket by average masterpoint.

Minimum                               5 MP

       1,000      MP              11

       5,000                          22

    10,000                          29

    25,000                          48

    40,000      (max)          65


2.   Although 24 Unit Championship Games are allowed per calendar year, a Unit may not schedule more than 3 Extended Team Games.


3.   Modified the Convention Midchart : The opening 2 Diamonds bid showing a weak two in either major is allowed only in games where at least 6 boards are played against the opponents.


4.   Sanction fee for STAC’s will be an overall fee effective April 1, 2008 including previous Tournament Directors’ charges and sanction fees. Management tries to utilize “idle” T/D time and combine various STAC’s to be directed at reduced charge. Although the idea has merit in theory, management was unwilling or incapable to provide financial figures to support this claim.


5.   Effective July 1, 2008 at all NABC events, electronic devices shall not be allowed and forbidden to be used during the session in the playing areas, adjacent hallways, rest rooms or accessible break areas. These devices (that exclude health related equipment) refer to equipment capable of sending and receiving communication. They include (but not limited to) head phones, earphones, cellular phones and mini computers. Violators will be severely penalized for first offense (full board or 12 IMP’s) and will be disqualified for the second offense.




1.   The new Laws of Duplicate bridge will go into effect on September 8, 2008 for all ACBL sanctioned events :

a)   Opening bid of one no trump or one of a suit showing fewer than 8 HCP by partnership agreement is disallowed.

b)   Once your opponents reviewed your convention card and announced defenses against it, you may not alter your system.

c)   Defenses to methods permitted by ACBL Mid or Super Chat may be referred to by any player whenever it would be appropriate to refer to an opponent’s convention card.


2.   Amended the ACBL Code of Disciplinary Regulations :

a)   Representations on behalf of an ACBL Disciplinary body or on behalf of the person charged is not allowed by an attorney or a member of the ACBL Board of Directors (I have – unsuccessfully – voted against this regulation that once again erodes the rights of our members).

b)   The “Preponderance of the Evidence” (that is more convincing than the evidence opposed to it) will replace the “Clear and Convincing Proof” guideline for finding a party guilty.


3.   I have voted against the new NABC goals and guidelines that ridiculously request that revenue should average $500,0000/yr “over a period of several years”, that excluded the description of 2 or 3 or 46 several years. Furthermore, these guidelines will make it even more difficult to land a NABC for Montreal.


4.   Acting for WBF Zone 2, we have expressed our disapproval of all non-bridge related public statements and demonstrations by any Zone 2 representative participating in a international bridge competition and requested the three North American Federations to adopt regulations to that effect.


5.   Expanded the Mini Bridge at School Program to include shorter mini bridge instructions up to 2011:

a)   Teachers will receive a subsidy of $200 per Class for 8 hours of instruction and supervised play;

b)   No text will be provided;

c)   It is permitted through the 6th grade level only;

d)   Funding will be provided by the Junior Fund and the Marketing Department.


6.   Management advised us that in the future electronic surveillance at the playing site will be done by outside experts with most up to date equipment to secure an even playing field.