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George Retek

District 1 Director

2007 Summer Report  

Quebec city will hold an additional Regional

April 10-13, 2008, to commemorate its 400th birthday  

The ACBL Board of Directors met in Nashville in July 2007 and granted an extra Regional to Quebec . Otherwise, the most memorable moments are connected to actions that we did not do. The motion to reverse ties with the WBF was soundly defeated. The motion that would not require publishing the votes of your district representative in the Bulletin was also rejected. Our great friend and many times champion, Dan Morse, was elected to serve as ACBL President in 2008. He will visit Montreal during the 2008 Can-Am.  

Major actions taken by the Board

 1        Modified the Code of disciplinary Regulations (CDR) to include:

a)     Definition of member in good standing now requires that ACBL dues (if required) be paid.

b)     Person charged under the CDR are entitled to receive the facts of the complaints and the name of the complainer.

c)      Units, Districts and the ACBL have no jurisdiction over behavior at clubs sponsored games.

2        Special games at clubs

a)     February: Junior Fund Games;

b)     April: Charity

c)      September: International Funds

d)     Masterpoint awards for above games and Club Appreciation Club Games in October are increased to 100% Sectional Black Points

3        K.O. Playoffs (for 3rd or 5th place) are eliminated. However sponsoring organizations at their option may allow it, if they were at least 8 teams.

4        There will be changes in masterpoint awards starting January 1, 2008 – subject to approval at the Fall 2007 meeting.

5        Events eliminated from NABC schedule: Spring à 49 er Pairs; Fall à Non – LM Pairs

6        The first day of the GNT National final will be a Swiss event.

7        A fill-in pair must play at least 87.5% of the boards to qualify for overall awards.

8        Bracketed Round Robin Teams Events (usually 8 team brackets): From July 2007 to June 2009 sponsoring organizations are allowed to decide if the top or the bottom bracket has a number of teams exceeding 8.

9        On an experimental basis we will hold for two years a Youth North American Championship for players under 19. First event to take place in Atlanta in 2008 or 2009.

10   Management will use a centralized method that will reduce the cost for sponsoring organizations to allocate T/D assignment for STACs.

11   Participation in GNT beyond club level is limited to paid up members.  


 1        ACBL membership holds steady at current level

2        Nick L’Écuyer was elected First District Director alternate and Leo Weniger second alternate for a three year term starting January 1, 2008. Our many thanks to Zyg Marcinski who has served very diligently as first alternate for many years.

3        ACBL will conduct electronically a Canadian membership survey very soon. The results are of vital importance to us. Should you or your members be contacted, please reply promptly.

4        ACBL Management is currently reviewing the process of tournament Directors time management.

5        In Nashville , the Mini Spingold (0-5000 mp) was won by our Maritime players: Hart Hicks, Brian Alexander, and Michael Betts together with a US player. Karl and Brian have also won the mini LM pairs (up to 5000 mp).

6        The new Teacher Accreditation course appears to be a great success. It is hoped that our Units will offer this course to our Teachers. That certainly can result in increase of our membership.

7        One of my ex-partners (and God knows there are many), Margaret Pierce, playing with Alje Kamminga achieved the highest score (76.45%) in the WBF Worldwide Bridge Contest in June. As Vice-President of the WBF, it was my privilege to honor our Canadian Worldwide Winners at the Pentincton Regional.

8        2008 Canadian and World Championships: Players from our district were extremely successful at the Canadian Championships held in Winnipeg . The Ladies Team and COPC were won by all District One players. The CNTC had five and the Senior Team had three players from our district.

 Good luck to all the team winners who will represent us in Shanghai during early October!