Minutes of Annual Meeting
ACBL District 1

August 11, 2012



            Peter Clark District President  (pcreeve@rogers.com)  

            Leo Weniger Past President and Unit 194 (leowen@eastlink.ca)

            Jean LaTraverse, District Treasurer (jlatraverse@videotron.ca)

            Bert Curry                     Unit 192 bertcurry@rogers.com

            Michel Giguere             Unit 152 giguerem01@videotron.ca

            Christine Bourbeau       Unit 151 christine.bourbeau@videotron.ca

            Louise Mascolo            Unit 151 louise.mascolo@sympatico.ca

            Marius Moldovan         Unit 151 moldovanm@yahoo.com

            Bill Wheeler                  Unit 192 wheeler40@hotmail.com

            Bob Zeller                      Unit 192 rzeller@rogers.com




1.    Call to Order

       The District President welcomed everyone to the meeting, and noted that a quorum of members was present.  Congratulations were extended to L. Weniger who was acclaimed as District 1 Director effective January 1, 2013.




2.    Minutes

       The Minutes of the 2011 AGM, and of the special meeting held in Montreal on May 4, 2012 were reviewed.  It was moved by M. Giguere and seconded by M. Moldovan that both these Minutes be approved. Carried. 



3.    Treasurer's Report

       J. LaTraverse provided the District Statement of Receipts and Expenditures for 2011 and the Balance Sheet as at December 31, 2011.  It was moved by J. LaTraverse and seconded by Bob Zeller that the financial statements be adopted as presented.  Carried.



4.    Recognition of George Retek’s Service

       It was Moved by L. Weniger and Seconded by M. Moldovan that District 1 create an award entitled the “George Retek Volunteer Award”.  Carried. This is in recognition of the 33 dedicated years of service George provided as District 1 Director.  Details on the selection process will be forthcoming.

       It was moved by L.Weniger and seconded by M. Moldovan that George be named Director Emeritus.  Carried.  He will be a voting member.


P. Clark

5.    Montreal 2020 Nationals

       J. LaTraverse gave a detailed report on the selection of Montreal as host of the Summer 2020 Nationals and the work that has started to prepare for the event.  Effective July 1, 2012 a levy of $2 per table from each regional tournament in the District will be collected to assist with the fundraising. 


All Units

6.    NAOP

       For 2013, the Western Area (Quebec and Eastern Ontario) will be entitled to receive the first place award.  The 2nd place award will be given to the Eastern Area (Maritimes). The ACBL pays $700 to each member of the pair entitled to receive the first place award and $300 to each member of the pair entitled to receive the second place award.  There are no card fees to participate in the National Finals.  The third place pair eligible to represent our District will come from the “Area” having the greatest participation in the event. The 3rd place pair may participate but will get no subsidy.  In the East, the A final will be held in Halifax on Saturday November 3rd. Moncton will host the B event Saturday October 27th. Flight C will be held in Halifax on Sunday November 4th.  Montreal will host the Western events for A, B and C on Saturday November 10th.  A minimum of 5 tables is required in our District for each event for the purpose of qualifying for the monetary awards (not for victory or masterpoints). The NAOP Conditions of Contest for District 1 have been posted with the ACBL. Club owners should sent a list of qualifiers to Jean LaTraverse at jlatraverse@videotron.ca.


Club owners

7.    Notice to Secretary

       Each Unit should inform the Secretary of all changes to its Board members.   This facilitates good communications.

 Unit Secretary


8.    GNTs

       The District Finals will take place at the Quebec City in May 2013. The Super Flight and the B flight will be held on Monday May 20st, and Flights A and C on Sunday May 19th.  A coordinator will have to be designated from Quebec City.   P. Clark will arrange getting a coordinator.



P. Clark

9.    Subsidy for Vice-President

       Doug Hamilton was elected as Vice-President.  He will receive a $300 travel subsidy to attend the AGM.  




10. District Charity Game

       The John McAdam District-Wide Charity Game will be held on Thursday
November 1, 2012.  M.  Hartop will notify the ACBL and the CBF to arrange sanctions. 


M. Hartop

11. Election and Appointment of Officers

       President                Peter Clark

       Past President        Leo Weniger

       Vice-President       Doug Hamilton

       Secretary               Heather Peckett

       Treasurer               Jean LaTraverse

       Charity                   Gilles St Hilaire   (To be confirmed)

       Discipline               Martial Chagnon (To be confirmed)

       Recorder                Nick L’Ecuyer

       Appeals                  Zygmunt Marcinski

       Education and

       Membership          Kathie Macnab

       GNT Coordinator  TBD

       Special Events/

       Tournament Coordinator     Mike Hartop              

       Website Coordinator            Bill Halliday

       Website Content Coordinator   Bill Halliday



12. Adjournment

       Meeting was adjourned.  The 2013 AGM will be held in Montreal, early Saturday evening  August 17, 2013 during the CANAM.


Leo Weniger