Minutes of Annual Meeting
ACBL District 1

August 13, 2011



Peter Clark, District President  (pcreeve@rogers.com)  

Leo Weniger, Past President and Unit 194 (leowen@eastlink.ca)

George Retek, District Director (gbridgeretek@gmail.com)

Heather Peckett, District Secretary (bridgecat@rogers.com)

Ann Hartop, Unit 230 ( mikehartop@rogers.com)

Mike Hartop, District Tournament Coordinator &Unit 230 ( mikehartop@rogers.com)

Jean Castonguay, Unit 151 (castonguayjean@videotron.ca)

Alain Turcotte, Unit 152 (a.turcotte1@videotron.ca)

Jean LaTraverse, District Treasurer (jlatraverse@videotron.ca)

Martial Chagnon, Unit 151 (martialchagnon@hotmail.com)

Kevin Paul Gregoire, Unit 151 (kevingregoire@videotron.ca)






Call to Order


The District President welcomed everyone to the meeting, and noted that a quorum of members was present.






The Minutes of the 2010 meeting were reviewed.  Leo Weniger noted that he had not resigned as President, but rather he did not stand for reelection. It was moved by Mike Hartop and seconded by Jean Castonguay that the Minutes be approved as amended. Carried. 




Treasurer's Report


J. LaTraverse provided the Treasurer’s report for 2010. Cheques for the levies for 2011 are expected soon from Quebec and Fredericton and for 2010 from Ottawa.  The equity on the Balance Sheet is $ 8,179.76. 

It was moved by J. LaTraverse and seconded by M. Hartop that the financial report be accepted.  Carried.


The District bank account is being transferred to the same bank as the one used by Unit 151, as this will result in a reduction in banking fees. The District signing officers will complete the required forms to enable the operation of the account.



J. LaTraverse

P. Clark

H. Peckett


Unit Levies


The Treasurer expects that the District equity will exceed $ 10,000 by the end of December.  Thus, in accordance with the discussion in 2010, effective January 2012, the collection of levies from all Units within the District will be suspended. 


It was moved by M. Hartop and Seconded by J. Castonguay that the Treasurer buy a Term Deposit for $8,000. Carried.





District Director's Report


George Retek presented his report which included disturbing reports of a lack of accountability with respect to the operating funds of the ACBL.  After discussion, it was decided that our District President will express our financial concerns in a letter to the President of the ABCL.


P. Clark




For 2012, the Eastern Area (Maritimes) will be entitled to receive the first place award.  The 2nd place award will be given to the Western (Quebec and Eastern Ontario)  area.  The ACBL pays $ 700 to each member of the pair entitled to receive the first place award and $ 300 to each member of the pair entitled to receive the second place award.  There are no card fees to participate in the National Finals.  The third place pair eligible to represent our District will come from the “Area” having the greatest participation in the event. The 3rd place pair may participate but will get no subsidy.  In the East, the B final will be held in Halifax on November 5th. Moncton will host the A and C events on October 29th.  Montreal (Gaetan Thibault’s Club) will host the Western events for A, B and C on October 29th.  A minimum of 5 tables is required in our District for each event for the purpose of qualifying for the monetary awards (not for victory or masterpoints). The NAOP Conditions of Contest for District 1 have been posted with the ACBL.



Board Of Governors


G. Retek noted that only two people submitted their names (Mari Retek and Jean Castonguay) for the next three year term, thus leaving a vacancy.  It was moved by G. Retek and seconded by J. Castonguay that P. Clark be appointed to serve as the third member for our District. Carried.






The District Finals take place at the Kingston Regional in May 2011, the Super Flight and the B flight will be held on Monday May 21st, and Flights A and C on Sunday May 20th.  A coordinator will have to be designated from the Kingston area.  P. Clark will speak to the Kingston rep on the Unit 192 Board to obtain a coordinator.


The ACBL now permits GNTs to be played on the internet (with supervision).  G. Retek has a copy of the Conditions of Contest.


P. Clark


Doug Heron Award


Congratulations to Unit 194 for winning the award for largest increase (5%) in membership. It was the only Unit to show an increase in membership.  L. Weniger noted it was the result of the number of teaching programs now in place.  The President will send an email of congratulations to the Maritime Unit.  


P. Clark


District Charity Game


The District-Wide Charity Game will be held on Wednesday November 2, 2011. 


M. Hartop will notify the ACBL and the CBF to arrange sanctions. 


M. Hartop




Last year there was a situation wherein a District STAC was scheduled opposite a Maritime Sectional.  Although the date of the STAC was changed this should not have happened according to the current procedures for getting sanctions approved.  Unit tournament coordinators send the sanctions to the ACBL who in turn sends them to M. Hartop before they can be approved.


Secretary’s note:  Since the meeting there have been discussions with the ACBL ensuring that the approval process is working as intended.






The ACBL does not permit a Unit to disallow any club within its jurisdiction from participating in a STAC sponsored by the District.  Although it is clear that no STAC sponsored by the District is to be scheduled opposite a tournament being held anywhere in the District, if a Unit is the sponsor of a STAC it can invite any or all clubs in the District to participate even though other Units may have scheduled a Sectional tournament during that period.  This has sometimes resulted in a situation wherein invited clubs participate in these STACs at the same time as a Sectional tournament is being held in their Unit.   This results in a loss of revenue for the Unit.


Leo Weniger tabled a motion which read as follows “If a Unit wants to invite clubs from other Unit(s) to participate in its STAC, the Unit sponsoring the STAC must notify the President as well as the Tournament Coordinator of the other Unit(s) 6 months before sending the invitation to the individual clubs.  This will allow the Executive of the “invited” Unit(s) to consider conflicts and the opportunity to opt out of the STAC, if necessary, prior to sending invitations to the individual clubs in their Unit.” No vote was taken on this motion.


After much discussion there was agreement in principle that no Unit that has been granted a sanction to hold a STAC shall invite any club outside that Unit’s jurisdiction without the written approval of the Unit(s) in which such ”invited” club(s) reside(s).




2015 CBF Regional  


The CBF and the tournament operator have an agreement to hold this tournament, yet no approvals for this event have been given from Unit 192 nor District 1.  The CBF normally seeks approval for these tournaments from the District in which they are to be held.  P. Clark will send the CBF Secretary information concerning the necessary approvals. M. Hartop will call Glenda Hawkins, Chair of the Northeast Tournament Coordinating Committee, to ensure there is no conflict with any District 25 tournament at the time proposed by Kingston.  M. Hartop will report back to our District when we have approval or rejection from that Committee.  A number of tournament dates have had to change in 2015 due to the change of dates of the Summer Nationals. The CANAM  has been moved to start August 17th, the day after the Nationals end.



M. Hartop

P. Clark


Election and Appointment of Officers


President                                 Peter Clark

Past President                         Leo Weniger

Vice-President                         Kevin-Paul Gregoire

Secretary                                 Heather Peckett

Treasurer                                Jean LaTraverse

Charity                                    Gilles St Hilaire

Discipline                                 Martial Chagnon

Recorder                                 Nick L’Ecuyer

Appeals                                    Zygmunt Marcinski

Education and                        Kathie Macnab


GNT Coordinator                  TBD

Special Events and                 Mike Hartop

    Tournament Coordinator              

Website Coordinator              Bill Halliday

Website Content                     Bill Halliday


P. Clark





Meeting was adjourned.  The 2012 AGM will be held in Montreal, Saturday night August 11, 2012 during the CANAM.





Leo Weniger