Minutes of Annual Meeting
ACBL District 1

May 17, 2009 



Leo Weniger,          District President (leowen@primus.ca) 

George Retek,         District Director (bridgeretek@earthlink.net)

Heather Peckett,     District Secretary (bridgecat@rogers.com)

Gilbert April,          Unit 152 (gapril@mediom.com)

Lise Langlois,          Unit 152  (lise_langlois@videotron.ca)

Peter Clark,            District Treasurer (pcreeve@rogers.com)

Luc Tremblay,        Unit 151 (luke_tremblay@yahoo.com)

Mike Hartop,          Unit 230 ( mikehartop@rogers.com)

Jean Castonguay,   Unit 151 (jean.cas@sympatico.ca)

Alain Turcotte        Unit 152  (a.turcotte1@videotron.ca)

Hélène Fournier     Unit 199 (fournier_hel@hotmail.com)

Gérard Coté           Unit 199 (plumex@videotron.ca)

Jean LaTraverse    District Charity (jlatraverse@videotron.ca)


1. Call to Order


The District President, Leo Weniger, welcomed everyone to the meeting.  He announced that he will not be standing for reelection as President.  He expressed his appreciation for the support given to him over the years, especially by the District Director and Secretary.  It was moved by George Retek  and seconded by Alain Turcotte that the District purchase a plaque to recognize Leo`s years of dedicated service.     




The Secretary will check her records to determine the number of years that Leo has been our President.  The plaque will be presented to Leo at a regional of his choice.

Action: H. Peckett


2. Minutes


Minutes of the 2008 meeting were reviewed.  Moved by Mike Hartop and seconded by Jean Castonguay that the Minutes be approved. Carried.  In response to a question, Kingston has paid its levy to the District.  It appears as though the CBF will not be able to hold a regional in Unit 192 in 2011 as there is no appropriate date for one.  


3. Treasurer's Report


Peter Clark provided a verbal report for 2008. All units paid their levies and the District had a net income of $1970.  Once it is typed, Peter will send it to the Secretary, who will forward it to the members. (has been done)  Peter recommended that we continue with the collection of the levy from each Unit. It was moved by Peter Clark and seconded by Mike Hartop that the 2008 financial report be approved.  Carried.  The report will be sent to the webmaster in order that it be placed on the District website.


Action:  P. Clark, H. Peckett


4.   District Director's Report


George Retek noted that although his report is on the District website, he wanted to highlight a couple of important points. 


The auditors reported that the ACBL pension fund was severely under funded resulting in a charge of $1 million to the financial statement.


For people attending the Washington Nationals, one can get 2 weeks of parking free at the Sheraton airport by paying for only one night`s room charge.


The 2010 World championships originally scheduled for Russia will be held in the USA, likely in Philadelphia the first 2 weeks of October.


May 28th

The ACBL informed the Secretary that there must be at least 3 members of an original GN team in order for that team to play in the National Finals.


5.  NAOP


Mike Hartop reported that the 2008 winning pair from Montreal had not qualified at the club level.  Care should be taken to ensure that such ineligible players are not allowed to participate.  For 2009, the Maritimes (eastern) will be awarded ``first`` place.  “2nd`` will come from the western area.  The ACBL pays $700 for the winning pair and $300 to the 2nd place pair.  There are no card fees to play in the National finals.  The third place pair eligible to represent our District will come from the “Area” having the greatest participation in the event. The 3rd place pair may participate but will get no subsidy.  In the East, the B final will be held in Halifax and the A and C events will be held in Moncton.  Dates have not been set.  J. Castonguay and Kathie Macnab are looking for dates for the Eastern and Western finals respectively.  They will notify M. Hartop in order to get the sanctions.


Action: J. Castonguay, K. Macnab, M. Hartop


6. GNTs


They will take place at the Kingston Regional in May 2010, the Super Flight and the B flight will be held on Monday and Flights A and C on Sunday.


7. Doug Heron Award


Congratulations to Unit 194 for winning the award for largest increase (12.5%) in membership.  Unit 152 was 2nd with a 6% increase.  It was confirmed by the members present that in view of Doug Heron`s past contribution to the District, the District would pay ACBL membership fees should the ACBL decide not to waive them. 


8. District Charity Game


The District-Wide Charity Game will be held Monday November 2, 2009.  A total of 37.5 tables participated in the 2008 game, resulting in $203 being raised for the Charitable Fund


9.  Sanctions


Mike Hartop reported that the sanction process is working better.  He noted that there is a problem with so many STACs being sanctioned.  He wanted some guidelines as to how many should be allowed.   After some discussion, it was moved by Jean Castonguay and seconded by Luc Tremblay that no STAC be sanctioned at the same time for neighboring Units. Carried


It was moved by Mike Hartop and seconded by Heather Peckett that no special club game be sanctioned at any site within 25 miles (40 KMs) of the GNT or NAP Finals.  Carried.


10.  Election and Appointment of Officers


President                                   Peter Clark

Past President                           Leo Weniger

Vice-President                          Bill Halliday

Secretary                                   Heather Peckett

Treasurer                                  Greg Middleton

Education                                  Nick Lécuyer

Charity                                      Jean LaTraverse

Discipline                                   Martial Chagnon

Recorder                                   Heather Peckett

Appeals                                     Zygmunt Marcinski

New Members and

membership Retention             Kathie Macnab

GNT Coordinator                    Ed O’Reilly (TBC)

Special Events /

Tournament Coordinator       Mike Hartop              

Website Coordinator               Bill Halliday

Website Content Coordinator Peter Clark


11.  2010 Annual Meeting


In Montreal, the Saturday night of the CANAM.


12.  Meeting was adjourned


Leo Weniger