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John McAdam District 1 Wide Charity Game
Next game: Monday, November 11th, 2013 (evening)

At participating clubs in District 1

For the last few years, District 1 has had a District-Wide Charity game which raises money for the Canadian Bridge Federation (CBF) Charity Fund. This game was very capably chaired by John McAdam. In December 2006 John unfortunately passed away, and the District 1 Board decided to honour his memory by naming the event after him.

John McAdam, of Ottawa was a bridge player and administrator who served in many capacities on the District 1 and the Unit 192 Boards. He was a fine bridge player and was a gentleman both at and away from the bridge table.

This Charity game is typically held in early November at all clubs in District 1 who are willing to participate in the event.  The dates changes to different days of the week annually, so that more clubs can have the game on a regular bridge night.

Jean LaTraverse Jr. is now the District Charity Chair, whose responsibility is to work with ACBL to organize this game.

Letís try to raise a lot more money for the Fund! And the masterpoint awards arenít bad either.

Please ask your club if it is holding the game in support of this worthwhile cause, and plan to play in November !

2008 John McAdam Charity event 6th November 2008

District 1-wide Charity Pairs game on Thursday Evening November 6, 2008 had five sites reporting 37.5 tables in play and raised $203.21 for the CBF Charitable Fund 

The winners for the John McAdam Charity 2008 event are:

MPts Rank Names                                                   Score

10.00 1 Richard Darling, Morrisburg ON; Brent Lapier, Iroquois ON 66.37%

 7.00 2 Ann Labelle, Mallorytown ON; Non member,                  64.29%

 5.00 3 Virginia Giza, Timberlea NS; Trish Hattie, Fall River NS  62.50%

 3.50 4 Lise Cote - Charlotte St Laurent, Thetford Mines QC       59.98%

 2.00 5 Daniel Landry, Hubley NS; Roy Landry, Halifax NS          57.81%

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2007 John McAdam Charity event 7th November 2007

District 1-wide Charity Pairs game on Wednesday Evening November 7, 2007 had five sites reporting 45.5 tables in play and raised $ 288.94 for the CBF Charitable Fund and for organizations that fit the theme "Our Future-Investing in Kids".

The winners for the John McAdam Charity 2007 event are:

10.00 1 Louise Jones, Lutes Mountain NB; L. Anne Posch, Sackville NB 67.13%

 7.00 2 J Dennis Johnston, Kingston ON; H Onstein, Amherstview ON    65.60%

 5.00 3 Catherine Milks - Bert Winges, Elginburg ON                  64.62%

 3.50 4 R Boyle, Moncton NB; Bruce Perry, Riverview NB               63.89%

 2.00 5 Linda Cobham - Gerald La Flamme, Grnd-Bay-Wfld NB            61.57%

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2006 John McAdam Charity event November 2006

In 2006 the game raised close to $ 400.00 for the CBF Charity Fund which that year donated funds to organizations that deal with child poverty and food banks. 

The overall winners for the John McAdam Charity 2006 event are:

Victor Giaccone and Heather Peckett of the Ottawa area, who had a 74.4% game.

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